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Centenary of Anzac

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A World Away: South Australia’s War 1914 – 1918


When war broke out a world away in Europe, South Australians could not have imagined how it would impact their lives. With the centenary of this event upon us, there is significant interest in the individuals who took part, and in the lasting impact this conflict has had on the broader Australian community.




To explore the events of WWI from a local and social perspective, History SA and the State Library of South Australia have created a new blog - A World Away: South Australia’s War  to help people understand the complexity of these events. It represents the war through the words of those who were there, month by month, as events unfolded.




The soldiers’ diaries and letters from the front are powerful tools that show the excitement, suffering, responsibility and camaraderie they experienced fighting in the First World War. Other primary source material includes newspaper excerpts and records of organisations such as internment camps and Cheer-Up Societies.



Lost Diggers of Vignacourt _ youtube video

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