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No110 September 2013

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                                    ALEXANDRINA LIBRARY SERVICES GOOLWA


September 2013                                News Letter                                        By Frodo


Oh dear! She's escaped again, so you get me this time.


We had a most jolly book launch on August 22 of Jan Skewes' Memories. Rose Geisler presented
the book, which I made, to Jan, and a happy little crowd of friends, family and History Room types
were there, as you can see below. Jan's was the last book directly connected to Rob Linn's A Land
Abounding, for which Rob got a few of us to interview local persons. It was appropriate that Rose,
Linton & Dorothy Jacobs, and I were present for Jan's launch, as between us we did virtually all the
interviews that make up the 37 or so books I have made of them. (It was my idea to make the books,
as Rob's book of course only used a little of the interviews). The good news is that there are a
couple of folks – Rose one of them – who would still like to interview more persons. If anyone
reading this is interested, they could contact the Librarian. (I am quite happy to do the proofreading,
photo-magic and book creation, personally).

Jan took this beautiful photo from the open door of a small plane used to fly the competitors to the
jump site during the (Easter) 1963 National Parachuting Championships, held in Goolwa, 2 years
after the State Club was formed. Jan tells us that the Skewes property was used for a runway and
drop site (marked with a white cross), and many competitors camped at Mallee Brae. My thanx to
Helen Halm for some of this info, (and you lucky, lucky people will have Helen put together this
esteemed publication next month, when she may have more on the Parachuting Championships).
'Tis amazing to see, exactly 50 years ago, what the area around Woolies looked like, and the
Uniting Church all on its ownsome.


And one more thing – I was lucky enough to see an immaculate copy of P.M. Wells' 1929 Goolwa
The New Orleans of Australia pamphlet, (courtesy of Ian Meyer, of Fortuna Gallery, Middleton), so
I Frodographed it, if nowhere near as perfectly as I would like, and have made a book thereof for
youse to enjoy, as we otherwise only have a poor-condition copy of this fragile, but beautiful, item.


Happy researching


Genealogy help is available by appointment on Mondays and Thursdays. To guide you through your
research, Dr. Peter Barclay is available to help. Please phone the Library on 8555-7000 to make an appointment.


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