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People - S

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     Index S




       SACH, Septimus  

       ST. CLAIR, Peter

       SALTMARSH, Andrew

       SAMSON, Louis

       SANDERS, Albert Henry; Doreen

       SANDERS, Hilda Violet

       SANDERS, John

       SANDERSON, Fannie Augusta

       SANDERSON, Francis

       SANDERSON, Frederick James

       SANDERSON, George

       SANDERSON, Kenneth F.V.

       SANDERSON, Noel W.

       SANDERSON, Septimus S.

       SANDFORD, William Mathews

       SANDLAND, Clem

       SANGSTER, Geo.

       SAUERBIER, George

       SAUERBIER, Jean M.

       SAUNDERS, Thomas; Renee

       SAUNIER, Agnes; Theophile

       SAYER, Nancy

       SCARFE, Henry C.

       SCHILLING, Reg. K.

       SCHIRMER, Peter

       SCHMAAL, E. Jean

       SCHMERL, Ronald e.

       SCHMIDT, Janice

       SCHMIDT, Margaret – file sent to Strathalbyn Library Collection

       SCHOLTE, Paul

       SCHOLTE, Walter

       SCHRAMM, John F.

       SCHROEDER, E.A.

       SCHUETTENBERG, Victor; Kathleen

       SCHULITZ, Julia

       SCHULTZ, Ike

       SCHUTER, John

       SCHUYLER, Robert S.

       SCHWERDT, George F.

       SCOTLAND, Bruce Sr.; Bruce (Jr.)

       SCOTT, Abraham

       SCOTT, (Tony) A.C.D.

       SCOTT, Alexander Andrew

       SCOTT, B.G.; Cedric D.; Derek

       SCOTT, Edward Bate; Francis W.R.;

       SCOTT, Eric Dundas

       SCOTT, Francis Seymour Hamilton

       SCOTT, Helen; Tony

       SCOTT, Isabella

       SCOTT, John Baxter

       SCOTT, John Hamilton (known as James)

       SCOTT, K.

       SCOTT, Mabel Maud

       SCOTT, Michael; Paquita

       SCOTT, Nancy; Reg

       SCOTT, Robert Purdom; Roy D.;

       SCOTT, Roy D.

       SCOTT, Rudolph Hamilton Wm.

       SCOTT, William David

       SEARLE, Laurie; George; Tuson

       SECOMBE, Vivian Ronald

       SEIDEL, Brenda

       SEIDEL, Janet

       SEIP, Meg; Warren

       SELLS, William Briggs

       SEMASCHKO, Hector Waldemar

       SEMMLER, Rob; Val

       SERCOMBE, Rick; Julie

       SEWELL, John

       SEXTON, Florence Edith, R,;

       SEYMOUR, Charles

       SEYMOUR, Pat; Glad; Martin

       SHAND, C.

       SHAND, Henry Miller

       SHANNON, Mary Irene

       SHAPTER, William Thomas

       SHARP, John Edward

       SHARPE, Ernest Neil

       SHAW, Don; (Sue) Jean; Kate

       SHAW, Howard

       SHEPHERD, Alick Henry

       SHEPHERD, Archie John Stair

       SHEPHERD, C.R.

       SHEPHERD, Elsie Powell

       SHEPHERD, Grace Annie

       SHEPHERD, Mary Anne

       SHEPHERD, William Henry

       SHERIDAN, Geoffrey William; Gavin

       SHERRIFF, George Washington

       SHERWOOD, Chas. James William Clairmont

       SHERWOOD, Sarah; William

       SHETLIFF, Samuel; Ellen; Samuel Jnr.; David

       SHIELDS, Sarah Kerr

       SHIERLAW, George Cooks

       SHIPSTER, Henry Frederick

       SHIPWAY, Edward Inns

       SHIPWAY, Dr. G.S.

       SHIPWAY, Helena Beatrice; Lena;

       SHIPWAY, Henry Cornelius

       SHIPWAY, John

       SHIPWAY, Joseph

       SHIPWAY, Margaret

       SHIPWAY, Percy Balfour

       SHIPWAY, Una

       SHIPWAY, Wm. Henry

       SHIRLEY, J.B.

       SHORT, The Right Rev. Augustus

       SIBLY, Joseph Albert; Peter & Anthea; Ernest; Elizabeth; Dorothy

       SIEBERT, Lawrie

       SILCOX, Terry

       SIMMONS, Peter

       SIMPSON, Brian

       SIMPSON, James Young

       SINCLAIR, Helen

       SISSON, George

       SIVYER, Rex

       SKEWES, Anthony (Tony)

       SKEWES, Barbara Jessie

       SKEWES, Brian Lock

       SKEWES, David.

       SKEWES, Edgar

       SKEWES, Erlston Minetta

       SKEWES, Jan

       SKEWES, Ronald Edgar

       SKEWES, Samuel Edgar

       SLATER, Fred; John

       SLATTER, Laurie

       SLEADER, Arnold Edward; Amy L.

       SLEE, Max A.

       SLOAN, Peter

       SMALL, A.S.

       SMALL, John

       SMALL, Samuel

       SMART, Ian L.; Evelyn; Philip

       SMART, Samuel

       SMEATON, Thomas Drury

       SMEE, J.A.; Marty

       SMERD, Michael

       SMITH, Capt. Alan

       SMITH, Andrew

       SMITH, Ashley

       SMITH, Barry

       SMITH, Charles

       SMITH, Charles Andrew; Ellen

       SMITH, Charles Robt.

       SMITH, Cuthbert V.

       SMITH, David H.

       SMITH, Edward

       SMITH, Eric Ross

       SMITH, Francis G.

       SMITH, G.A.

       SMITH, George B.; George Carnegie

       SMITH, Gilbert

       SMITH, G.V.

       SMITH, Hedley R.E.; Veronica

       SMITH, Jack

       SMITH, James

       SMITH, Jan Talbot

       SMITH, John James Fletcher

       SMITH, Mary F.

       SMITH, Molly

       SMITH, Murray

       SMITH, Olive B.

       SMITH, Richard N.

       SMITH, Roger

       SMITH, Stella K.

       SMITH, Syd


       SMITHERS, Frances K.

       SMYTH, Capt.

       SMYTH, William

       SMYTHE, J.

       SOLOMAN, Emanuel

       SOLOMAN, Peter

       SOLOMAN, Samuel M.

       SOMERVAILLE, Christina

       SOULTER, John

       SOUTH, James; Mike

       SOUTH, Thomas

       SOWTON, Frank

       SPARKES, Edward James

       SPARKES, Mary, Rosanna

       SPARKS, Henry

       SPARKS, Isaac

       SPENCE, Alfred

       SPENCER, Allan

       SPENCER, Jack Melville

       SPENCER, John James

       SPENCER, John James (the Younger)

       SPENCER, Olive May

       SPENCER, Richard James

       SPERRING, Imogen

       SPICER, Edward

       SPILLANE, John

       SPROD, John Henry

       SPRY, Thomas

       SQUIRES, Glyn; Barb; Janet

       SQUIRES, Lilian S.

       SQUIRES, Robyn

       SQUIRES, Thomas (Jnr.)

       SQUIRES, William

       STACEY, Colin; Ernest

       STALLEY, Peter

       STAMP, William Charles

       STANFORD, Irene

       STANTON, James

       STARKEY, E.W.J.

       STAUNTON, Martin Wm.

       STEELE, Judy

       STEELE, Sophia

       STEELE (ALDERMAN), Trish

       STEELE, William

       STEER, Emma I.

       STEPHENS, Edward

       STEPHENS, Richard

       STEPHENS, Sam

       STEVENS, Ray; Olive

       STEWART, Gertrude

       STEWART, Henry

       STEWART, Lindsay; Athalea

       STEWART, Sam; William; James

       STILLING, Joseph

       STIRLING, John Lancelot

       STOCKFORD, William

       STODART, Henry

       STOKES, Alf 'Ras'; Paul

       STOKES, Francis William

       STOKES, Dr. Tim

       STONE, John Francis; Leila Ruth

       STONE, Ray; C.M.

       STONE, William

       STONEMAN, Christopher; Jane; Lucy

       STOODLEY, Keith

       STOW, Randolph Isham

       STOWE, Harold J.

       STRANGWAYS, Giles Edward

       STRANGWAYS, Henry B.T.

       STRANGWAYS, Thomas Bews

       STROUT, Anne

       STROUT, Eliza Alice

       STUART, Jack

       STUART, John Martin R.

       STUART, William

       STUCKEY, Robert

       STUMPF, Florian

       STURT, Capt. Charles (2 files)

       see also CAPTAIN STURT'S CANNON &


       PLACES & GROUPS BY NAME section

       see also STURT RE-ENACTMENTS, also in


       STYLES, J.

       SUGG, Thomas; Joseph

       SULLIVAN, Fay

       SUMNER, Alfred; Fanny; Mary J.; Richd

       SUMNER, Emma

       SUMNER, Netley Ellen

       SUMNER, Thomas Richard; Janet

       SUMNER, Thomas Robert

       SUMNER, Wm.; Jessie

       SUMPTER, George

       SUNMAN, Alfred Charles – Captain.

       SUNMAN, Bertha Lilian

       SUNMAN, Eliza

       SUNMAN, J.A.

       SUNMAN, Richard Henry

       SUNMAN, Robert Richard Chambers

       SUNTER, Edward

       SUTHERLAND, Capt. George

       SUTHERLAND, Donald Andrew

       SUTHERLAND, James; Keith Henry K.

       SWEET, Evelyn Helena M.

       SWEETMAN, A.G.

       SWEETMAN, Frederick William

       SWEETMAN, H.

       SWEETMAN, James Duncan

       SWEETMAN, Robert Henry

       SWEETMAN, Winnie; Yvonne

       SWIFT, Sydney

       SYMONDS, Mark; R.G.; Bronte


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