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No 100 November 2012

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                                             ALEXANDRINA LIBRARY SERVICES


                                                           news No 100

December 2012                                                                                           by Dawn Juers

Well here we are -issue 100 of our History Room News – and it seems such a short time since
I started this newsletter in August 2004.


Next week it will be Remembrance Day when we honour the men and women who served in

the wars and those who didn’t return.

I thought a photo of this haunting mural on a wall in Mullewa, W.A. was appropriate for this


After the recent wild weather I thought the following extract from “The South Australian
Advertiser” of 30th October 1862 quite relevant –




“Last Wednesday this locality in common with other parts of the province, was visited by a very

severe thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rain. The homestead and family of Mr John Vercoe
sen. had a narrow escape from destruction. The electric fluid entered by a window in the front of
the house, set fire to the thatch of the roof, and affected more or less every one of the inmates.

Mrs Varcoe’s feet were severely scorched, and she still suffers severely. (The) Miss Vercoe’s also

were slightly burnt. The others who were within at the time of the occurrence felt as if irresistibly

borne to the ground by pressure on the head. The fluid in its course embedded the legs of an iron
bedstead some three or four inches in the concrete floor, and finally passed out through the wall,
ad. The fluid in its course embedded the legs of an iron
bedstead some three or four inches in the concrete floor, and finally passed out through the wall,

making an opening as large as a man’s hand, through stones and mortar. When the first shock

passed off prompt measures were adopted to overcome the fire in the roof, which happily were

crowned in success.”

Trove http://nla.gov.au


Once again Goolwa has been buzzing with activity. How bright and colourful the town has
looked with all the knitting and crochet pieces adorning the trees (courtesy of the Southern
Fleurieu Create and Connect group) and with the influx of 550 visitors for the Kumuwuki/Big
Wave National Regional Arts Conference it certainly was a busy town.

The History Room was a hive of activity with people either doing their own research, or for the

projects such as ‘Telling our Stories’ film on people and projects in the Alexandrina district; and
SNAPSHOT a Goolwa Archive Project of collating  and documenting residents little stories and 
photographing all the items presented.    *Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy preparing her SNAPSHOT


“Don’t take me or make me fall off the wall”   (another project from the Create and Connect Group)*


*  for photos see pdf file History Room News 100.pdf


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