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Goolwa Shipping Register by Master S - Z

Page history last edited by ghistory.volunteer@gmail.com 7 years, 1 month ago
Jane Eliza Saunier
Mundoo Saunier
Jupiter & barge Saunier (mate)
Avoca Searles
Clara Searles
Clara Searles L
Clara Searls
Cygnet Sharpe
Favourite Sharpe
Emu Sheridan
Ellen Shetliff
Ellen & barge Shetliff
Tyro Shetliff
Vesta Shetliff
Ellen Shetliffe S
Tyro Shetliffe S
Lancashire Lass Sinclair
Emu Smith
Favourite Smith
Moira Smith
Teviot Smith
Princess Royal Smith Thos
Express Smyth
Menindie Smythe
Emma Stevens
Blanche Stewart
Cadell Stewart
Cumberoona Stewart
Moira & barge Stewart
Vesta Stewart
Wentworth Stewart
Cumberoona Stewart W
Cygnet Suesty
Favourite Sumner
Culgoa Sunman
Kennedy Sunman
Moolgewanke Sunman
Mundoo Sunman
Waradgery Sunman
Albury Tait
Corowa & barge Tait
Ellen Tait
Jupiter Tait
Jupiter & barge Tait
Maranoa Tait
Princess Royal Tait
Shannon Tait
Mundoo & barge Tanner
Cygnet Taplin B
Favourite Taplin B
White Cloud Taplin B
Albury Tate
Ellen Tate
Maranoa Tate
Shannon Tate
Maggie & barge Theisy
Excelsior Thompsom
Avoca Thompson
Excelsior Thompson
Kelpie Thompson
Menindie Thompson
Tolarno Thompson
Sturt Thompson W
Waradgery Thompson W
Cygnet Thornley
Jolly Miller Thos Johnston
Shannon Tilson
Bourke & Barge Tinks
Ellen & barge Tinks
Ellen & barge Isabel Tinks
Mosquito Tinks
Telegraph Tinks
Wentworth & barge Tinks
Wilcannia Tinks
Wilcannia & barge Tinks
Lady Daly Toomer
Waradgery Toomer
Agnes Truman
Waradgery Turner
Blanche Upton
Wentworth Varcoe
Sturt W Thompson
Prince Alfred Walker
Warrego Walker
Albury Wallace
Albury & barge Wallace
Alfred Wallace
Alfred & barge Wallace
Ariel & barge Wallace
Avoca Wallace
Bourke Wallace
Bourke & Barge Wallace
Dispatch Wallace
JHP Wallace
Murrumbidgee Wallace
Nil Desperandum Wallace
Tolarno Wallace
Victoria Wallace
Albury Wallace J
Blanche Wallace J
Gertrude Wallace J
Jolly Miller Wallace J
Jupiter Wallace J
Mundoo Wallace J
Warrego Wallace J
Mundoo Wallace James
Bourke Wallace Jeff
Amphibious Warren
Jolly Miller Waters
Freetrader Watson
Severn Watts
Vesta Wilks
Tolarno Willcock
Tolarno & barge Willcock
Edwards Williams
Rob Roy Williams
Ian Dhu Willis T
Cygnet Wilson
Excelsior & 2 barges Wilson
Moolgewanke Wilson J
Corowa Wm Randell
Cumberoona Wm Stewart
Arcadia Wolter
Mundoo Wolter
Pilot Wolter
Pilot & barge Wolter
Princess Wolter
Princess Royal Wolter
Telegraph Wolter
Coorong Yelland





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