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Goolwa Shipping Register by Master G - L

Page history last edited by ghistory.volunteer@gmail.com 6 years, 11 months ago
Coorong Gilbert
Favourite Gilbert
Ibis Gilbert
Jupiter Gillan
Moolgewanke Gillen
Wentworth & barge Gillen
Maranoa Gillon
Queen Gillon
Wentworth Gillon
Severn Goode
Milang Goode C
Severn Gordon
Brewarrina Gribble
Bourke Grundy
Industry Grundy
Jolly Miller Grundy
Maranoa Grundy
Mundoo & barge Grundy
Murrumbidgee Grundy
Severn Grundy
Tarella Grundy
Tarella & 2 barges Grundy
Tolarno Grundy
White Cloud Grundy
Tarella & 2 barges Grundy J
Tarella & barge  Grundy J
Emu Gurney
Favourite Hamilton
Moira Hansen
Excelsior Hart
Nellie Hart
Victoria Hart
Murrumbidgee Henderson
Prince Alfred Henderson
Menindee Heseltine
Menindie Heseltine
Express Hilton
Favourite Holmes
Kelpie Innes
Emily Jane Inns
Kelpie Inns
Jupiter Jerrald
Jane Eliza Jillon
Avoca John Wallace
Albury Johnston
Cadell Johnston
Cadell & barge Johnston
Jolly Miller Johnston
Jolly Miller & 2 barges Johnston
Jolly Miller & barge Johnston
Mannum Johnston
Menindie Johnston
Menindie & Barge Johnston
Queen of the South Johnston
Shannon Johnston
Shannon & Barge Johnston
Wentworth Johnston
Wentworth Johnston 
Albury Johnston G
Cadell Johnston G
Maranoa Johnston G
Melbourne 1 Johnston G
Moolgewanke Johnston G
Napier Johnston G
Queen of the South Johnston G
Wentworth Johnston G
Jolly Miller Johnston J
Moolgewanke Johnston J
Maranoa Johnston P
Albury Johnston T
Jolly Miller Johnston T
Telegraph Johnston T
Albury Johnstron G
Annie Jones
Mosquito Jones T
Souter Johnny Jones T
Wasp Jones T
Maranoa Jonhston
Favourite Jumbo
Ariel Kendall
Corowa Kendall
Burrigne Kennik
Princess Kennik
Enterprise & barge Kerr
Express Kerr
South Australian Kerr
South Australian & 2 b Kerr
South Australian & bge Kerr
Francis Cadell King
Gem King
Jane Eliza King
Jupiter King
Jupiter & Venus barge King
Maggie King
Moira King
Teviot King
Jupiter King 
Ellen & barge King H
Jane Eliza King H
JHP King H
Jupiter King H
Princess Royal King H
Francis Cadell King J
Jane Eliza King J
Jupiter King J
Ruby King J
Jane Eliza King Jas
Mosquito Kopp
Alfred Krause
Punkari Kruse
Ruby Lawler
Ethel Jackson Lawson
Blue Jacket Leith
Bantam Lewis
Burrabogie Lindquist
Lady Daly Lindsay
Severn Lindsay
White Cloud Lindsay
Grappler Lindsay J
White Cloud Lloyd
Maranoa Luxon




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