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This gentleman is a native of Ayreshire, Scotland, born in 1829. He came to the colony at an early age with his parents in the ship FAIRFIELD , the voyage lasting six months.

He was partially educated in Adelaide and partially under private tuition, and with his father, Mr. W. Rankine, followed farming till he started on his own account in 1854, coming to this locality from Strathalbyn, where his father held one of the original special survey selections of 20,000 acres.


On coming to this locality Mr. Rankine selected 640 acres, which he has increased by purchases at different times to about 4,000 acres, which is used for agricultural and grazing purposes. He applies artificial manure such as sugar-phosphate,and finds that the better land is worked the greater are the results.

In dry seasons he irrigates part of his land by an overflow from the river, dammed for the purpose. He has 3,000 sheep, which are crossbred, the mothers being from Lincoln rams and merino ewes ,the lambs from that breed being marketable in three months. Mr. Rankine makes a specialty of breeding ewes that will produce profitable lambs for the market.


During his 36 years residence here he has experienced some failures in crops, but on the whole has met with fair success.

He has always taken an active interest in this locality,has been a Councillor for the Bremer District, and was appointed Justice of the Peace about 1865.

He is a supporter of free trade , free education, and a liberal and progressive land tax.


[ From the 1890 Descriptive Australia and Federal Guide ]


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