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No 97 August 2012

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                                       ALEXANDRINA LIBRARY SERVICES 

                                                       news No 97

August 2012                                                                                                               by Frodo

So welcome to this particularly-August publication, with which you get me this time, as Dawn (and
Bruce) are still off exploring Woop-Woop and surrounds.


I'll begin in typical form by boasting of one of my newest works for the History Room, being the 3rd
Edition of what is now called 'Port Elliot War Memorials', much-improved for the occasion of the

P.E. R.S.L. having replaced the plaques under the trees in the Soldiers' Memorial Gardens. As it
turned out, I had done a little homework, (particularly through the wonderful National Archives of
Australia on-line), and had discovered a mistake in the name of one of the soldiers commemorated,
and Alan Oliver, President of the P.E. R.S.L., (as well as Councillor for P.E.), discovered a couple
of other errors -in dates -so the new plaques correct these, and remind us that history always has
more mistakes to discover, and confronts us with how easy it might have been to make mistakes in
getting dates and things right in the chaos of World War I, or any war, (particularly before the
InterNut). Anyway, my report to the R.S.L. re: mistakes is included in the new book, as are
improved photos of various plaques, and new photos of the new plaques.

I took the liberty of making a few copies of this new book, to present to the 3 local R.S.L.s, as well
as P.E. National Trust, our friends the Victor Harbor Library, and of course, as always, a couple for
the History Room. As you can see below, when I presented a copy to the Port Elliot R.S.L., that
naughty afore-mentioned Alan Oliver said something silly and funny to me, such that we both
cracked up just as John Lane pressed the button on my camera that I had thrust at him.


* see pdf for photo

Further to the constant change of history, and the living joy of our collection, the above is a page
from the W.A. PRETTY COLLECTION INDEX, known in the History Room as The Bible – it
helps us help people find all sorts of information in Mr. Pretty's Collection – the red bits are where
we have made corrections or additions, and I have been having to up-date the index every year, and
have done so again recently. It is wonderful that this is such a living, breathing archive that it is
constantly being improved, as well as that it maketh so many happy.


*see pdf for photo

Also very pleasing is our Visitor's Book, an idea of Dawn's that I created from an old note-book, at
the end of 2004. Since then, 540 people have signed it, most of them very happy – (and lots more
just forgot, or we did). Quite a few have left some detail of what they are researching, and I was
pleased to be told by Anthony Presgrave that he, for one, had looked, seen something he could help
with, and contacted the lucky personage, for that be the idea, as well as letting us know how many
people we have helped and made happy.

Where Dawn & Bruce were last seen – she'll be back for the next one of these, folks!
(And 3 from now, the History Room News hits the big 100!!!)


*for photos see pdf file



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