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Walter Pretty Index (2012) People W - Z

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                        WADEY, Charles

                        WADEY, Mary Ann

                        WADEY, Walter Henry

                        WADEY, William

                        WAKEFIELD, Edward Gibbon

                        WAKEFIELD, Emma

                        WAKEFIELD, Joy

                        WAKEFIELD, Jessie

                        WAKEFIELD, Lance

                        WAKEFIELD, Murat; Rhonda

                        WAKEFIELD, M.

                        WALCOTT, Commander

                        WALDMANN, Gordon

                        WALKER, James; Wm. Delano;

                        WALKER, John Cunningham

                        WALKER, John Woodburn

                        WALKER, Thomas Campbell

                        WALL, Vida Laurel

                        WALLACE, Capt. Jeffrey

                        WALLACE, John

                        WALLACE, Pearl (Capt.)

                        WALLACE, William; Peter;

                        WALLAGE family

                        WALLER, Charles Cock

                        WALSH, James; Catherine

                        WALTERS, B.G.

                        WALTERS, Thomas

                        WALTON, C.A.; Roger; Mary-Anne

                        WALWYN, Ruth

                        WARBURTON, Gilbert

                        WARD, Allan – file sent to Strathalbyn Library Collection

                        WARD, E.

                        WARD, Ebenezer

                        WARD, Fred

                        WARD, Victor J.A.

                        WARDLE, Ralph

                        WARE, William Lawes

                        WAREING, Olive

                        WARLAND, Albert; Howard

                        WARLAND, Edward; Harriet;

                        WARLAND, Henry

                        WARLAND, T.

                        WARNE, R.M.

                        WARNER, Wm. John Allan

                        WARREN, Ailsie Jane

                        WARREN, Alfred

                        WARREN, Charles Herbert

                        WARREN, Gordon Hurtle Wilfred

                        WARRENDER, Eileen

                        WARRENDER, Ernest

                        WARWICK, Mrs. Tim

                        WATERHOUSE, Thomas Greaves

                        WATHERSON, A.Senior.

                        WATSON, Brian James

                        WATSON, Elsie Ruby Ann; Elizabeth;

                        WATSON, Emma

                        WATSON, Herbert Lovegood

                        WATSON, James

                        WATSON, Rev. John

                        WATSON, Roy

                        WATT, Robert

                        WAUCHOPE, W.N.; Verona;

                        WAY, James (file is empty)

                        WAY, Samuel James

                        WEARING, William Alfred

                        WEARN, James

                        WEBB, John Maximilan

                        WEBB, Joseph Rideal

                        WEBB, Sarah

                        WEBB, William

                        WEBBER, Hedley Thomas

                        WEBBER, Robert Henry

                        WEBER, Joseph

                        WEBSTER, Henry Matthew

                        WECKERT, Lorance

                        WEDDELL, John

                        WEEKS, E.G.

                        WEGER, Kate

                        WEIDENHOFER, W.

                        WELCH, Augusta Bingham

                        WELCH, Emily

                        WELCH, H.E.

                        WELCH, N.

                        WELLINGTON, Ronald

                        WELLS, Fanny

                        WELLS, Marion Elizabeth

                        WELLS, Percy Middleton

                        WELLS, Richard

                        WELLS, Royce

                        WENHAM, Muriel – file sent to Strathalbyn Library Collection

                        WENMAN, Henry

                        WENTZEL, E.

                        WERE, Paul David

                        WESLEY, John Albert Blackall

                        WEST, Alfred Edward; Charles

                        WEST, Fanny

                        WEST, Frances Jane

                        WEST, Frances Priscilla

                        WEST, Har

                        WEST, Rev. Henry Matthew

                        WEST, Lottie; Karina; Rosemary;

                        WEST, Thomas

                        WEST, William Alexander Erskine

                        WESTLEY, Dianne Daphne

                        WESTWOOD, Betty – file sent to Strathalbyn Library Collection

                        WESTWOOD, Ethel; John Thomas; Mary Ann

                        WEYMOUTH, George

                        WHEELER, Edward

                        WHEELWRIGHT, A.

                        WHITBOURNE, David

                        WHITCHER, Craig

                        WHITE, Arnold Henry

                        WHITE, Dr. (Dentist)

                        WHITE, Doris Owen

                        WHITE, Edward

                        WHITE, Rev. Edward

                        WHITE, Francis Joseph; Mary (formerly Mrs. Henderson)

                        WHITE, Frederick Anthony

                        WHITE, George Bazley

                        WHITE, George Frederick

                        WHITE, John

                        WHITE, John Bazley

                        WHITE, Leedham

                        WHITE, Stephen

                        WHITE, William

                        WHITLEY, Raymond

                        WHITTACOMBE, William

                        WHYNTIE, Patrick; Dominie;

                        WHYTE, Charles Edgar

                        WHYTE, Kathleen W.

                        WICKES, Annette

                        WIGG, Frederick Horace

                        WIGG, John Richard

                        WIGG, Richard Horace

                        WIGLEY, William Rudolph

                        WILDEN, Walter Ernest

                        WILDMAN, E.T.

                        WILHELM, Ernest Oscar

                        WILKINSON, George Blakiston

                        WILKINSON, Nigel

                        WILLATS, Ern; Joan; Ron;

                        WILLATS, Kerrie; Ern;

                        WILLCOCK, Andrew; Amelia;

                        WILLCOCK, Fanny

                        WILLCOCK, Oliver Willett

                        WILLIAMS - ARRIVALS - SHIPS - YEARS

                        WILLIAMS, Edward

                        WILLIAMS, George

                        WILLIAMS, Grant

                        WILLIAMS, James

                        WILLIAMS, John; Rod – file sent to Strathalbyn Library Collection

                        WILLIAMS, Thomas

                        WILLIAMS, Vernon Edward Pascoe

                        WILLIAMS, Walter Louis; Winifred Maud;

                        WILLIAMSON, Albert Wordsworth

                        WILLIS, Thomas

                        WILLMETT, Archibald George

                        WILLMETT, George; Dorothy Bristow (nee King)

                        WILLMETT, Sydney Walter; Ruby Isabel Olive;

                        WILLSMORE, Murray

                        WILSON, John

                        WILSON, L.; Matt;

                        WILSON, Winifred Emma

                        WILSON, Reginald Victor

                        WILSON, William

                        WILSON-SMITH, W.

                        WINCHESTER, Bronte

                        WINGROVE, Edmund Walter

                        WINGROVE, Elizabeth Lucy

                        WINGROVE, Walter Frederick

                        WINN, Roma

                        WINNALL, John

                        WINSBY BROS., Harry; Jim

                        WISDOM, Stephen

                        WIZZELL, Elizabeth Marshall

                        WOLTER, Adolph Ludwig William

                        WOOD, Edward; Alastair;

                        WOOD, G.& E.

                        WOOD, Mark Joseph
                        WOOD, William

                        WOODARD, Ernest Thos.; Jane Eliz.; Harry

                        WOODFORDE, Frank Dudley

                        WOODROW, Dick; Myrtle May

                        WOODROW, W.; Jack; Harry; Jean

                        WOODS, Dora Hannah

                        WOODWARD, Ernest Thomas

                        WOODWARD, Henry

                        WOODWARD, Wm. Sutton

                        WOOLFORD, Anne

                        WORSNOP, Thomas

                        WORTH, Frank Lindsay

                        WORTHINGTON, George

                        WRIGHT, Edmund Amand

                        WRIGHT, Edward; Edward (the younger);

                        WRIGHT, Elizabeth

                        WRIGHT, Frank; Annie

                        WRIGHT, George; Graham;

                        WRIGHT, Harry

                        WRIGHT, Henry

                        WRIGHT, James: Mary;

                        WRIGHT, John; John Henry

                        WRIGHT, Lettie

                        WRIGHT, Mary Ann; Mary;

                        WRIGHT, Robert; Louisa;

                        WRIGHT, Stephen Peltro H.

                        WRIGHT, Steven; T.

                        WRIGHT, William

                        WRIGLEY, Marguerite (Betty)

                        WYATT, Osmond Arthur

                        WYATT, Thomas Henry

                        WYATT, William; Robert

                        WYER, Arthur Keyte; Hilda Edith;

                        WYLIE, D.S.

                        WYNESS, David John

                        WYSCHNJA, Ben


                        YALDWIN, John Whitehead; Ellen;

                        YARD, Frank

                        YARD, John; Judith Anne;

                        YARROW, Edgar William

                        YATES, Jessie Elizabeth

                        YATES, Ken

                        YATES, Sarah Dunkley

                        YEATES, Kym – file sent to Strathalbyn Library Collection

                        YELLUP, Alan Edward

                        YERVE, Leo

                        YERVE, Martin; Winifred;

                        YOULES, Carol

                        YOUNG, Andrew M.

                        YOUNG, Charles Burney

                        YOUNG, Charles George

                        YOUNG, Charles Walter

                        YOUNG, Chuck

                        YOUNG, George

                        YOUNG, Henry

                        YOUNG, Sir Henry Edward Fox (Governor, S.A.)

                        YOUNG, Jack

                        YOUNG, Jack James

                        YOUNG, James Forbes

                        YOUNG, John Edward; Gertrude Maud;

                        YOUNG, John Larenzo

                        YOUNG, Sarah

                        YOUNG, Willliam Lawrence

                        YOUNGHUSBAND, Edwin

                        YOUNGHUSBAND, Eliza

                        YOUNGHUSBAND, John Palmer

                        YOUNGHUSBAND, Louisa

                        YOUNGHUSBAND, Sarah; Louisa Cecilia;

                        YOUNGHUSBAND, William (2 files)


                        ZANKER, Dennis

                        ZESERS, Emily

                        ZEUNERT, John Thomas Frederick

                        ZILM, Hazel

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