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Walter Pretty Index (2012) People T - V

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                        TABOR, Clement

                        TABOR, Maria

                        TAIT, Capt. John

                        TAMMS, Leonard Stanley

                        TANTI, Chris

                        TAPLIN, George; Mark;

                        TAPSCOTT, Chris

                        TAYLOR, Daniel Lewis

                        TAYLOR, Frederick Hammond

                        TAYLOR, John; Kelly;

                        TAYLOR, Samuel

                        TAYLOR, Thomas

                        TAYLOR, William

                        TEAKLE, Clare

                        TEMPLEMAN, Chloe

                        THIELE, Colin

                        THOMAS, Archie – file sent to Strathalbyn Library Collection

                        THOMAS, Charlotte; Dean

                        THOMAS, Jabez Edwin

                        THOMAS, John (1856 & 1866)

                        THOMAS, M.

                        THOMAS, Noreen Salome

                        THOMAS, Wm. Dunstan

                        THOMPSON, Alfred Edward

                        THOMPSON, Augusta

                        THOMPSON, Esther Violet

                        THOMPSON, Janette – file sent to Strathalbyn Library Collection

                        THOMPSON, John

                        THOMPSON, John Robert

                        THOMPSON, Susak Michael

                        THOMPSON, Thomas

                        THOMPSON, Captain W.

                        THOMPSON, William

                        THOMPSON, William James

                        THOMPSON, William Raymond

                        THOMSON, Edith Emily

                        THOMSON, John Robert

                        THOMSON, Linda Lovibond

                        THOMSON, Sydney William

                        THORN, Karen

                        THORNBER, Robert

                        THORNLEY, John Geo.

                        THORPE, Robert C.; Errol;

                        THRING, Francis J. – file sent to Strathalbyn Library Collection

                        THRING, William

                        THURGARLAND, John

                        THURLOW, Paul

                        TILBROOK, Rex

                        TILLEY, Joy

                        TILMOUTH, Sydney Glanville

                        TITE, Lavington Yeo

                        TODD, Fred

                        TODMAN, James

                        TOLEMAN, Amelia

                        TOLEMAN, Charlotte

                        TOLLEY, Ann

                        TOLLEY, John C.

                        TOLMER, Alexander

                        TOMKINSON, Samuel

                        TOMKINSON, Henry Palmerston

                        TONGE, Charles & Esther

                        TONKIN, Geo.; R.W.

                        TONKIN, Samuel

                        TONKIN, Wally

                        TOOGOOD, Gerald William

                        TOONE, Thos.(Terry)

                        TORESAN, Peter

                        TORRENS, Col. Robert

                        TORRENS, Robert Richard

                        TOTH, Sigmund

                        TOWNLEY, Charles Gosling

                        TOWNSEND, Di

                        TRABOLT, Ethel

                        TRAIN, Rev. J.

                        TREGENZA, Eric

                        TRELEAVEN, Henry

                        TRELEAVEN, Irene; Ethel; Richard John;

                        TRELEAVEN, John

                        TRELEAVEN, Richard John (Jack)

                        TREMAIN, Mr.

                        TRENOUTH, Dick

                        TREVASKIS, Mr.

                        TREWARTHA, William

                        TRIGG, John

                        TRIGG, J.W.

                        TRIGG, Samuel

                        TRIMMER, Erenest

                        TRIPP, Mr.

                        TRIPP, F.J.

                        TRIPP, Miss F.

                        TRIPP, Florence Maud

                        TRIPP, H.

                        TRIPP, I.P.; J.P.

                        TROMP, Jack

                        TROMP, Michael

                        TROWSE, Peter

                        TRUDGEON, Nicholas

                        TRUEMAN, Mrs. Bobbie

                        TSCHIRPIG, Aisla Jean

                        TUCKER, Charles

                        TUCKER, Edward Jones

                        TUCKER, George, Lucy & family cemetery

                        TUCKER, Howard Erskine

                        TUCKER, Mary Elizabeth

                        TUCKER, Reginald Mervyn – file sent to Strathalbyn Library Collection

                        TUCKER, William Henry

                        TUCKEY, William

                        TUCKWELL, Andrew Alfred

                        TUCKWELL, B.M. (Beryl Margaret)

                        TUCKWELL, Colin Burnet

                        TUCKWELL, Miss Dora

                        TUCKWELL, Frank (Leon Frank)

                        TUCKWELL, Mark

                        TUCKWELL, May

                        TUCKWELL, Olive

                        TUCKWELL, R.J.; Ross

                        TUCKWELL, William Arthur

                        TUCKWELL, William

                        TUDOR, George

                        TUDOR, Henry

                        TUGWELL, Mrs. Blanche Venon

                        TUGWELL, John

                        TUGWELL, Lloyd

                        TUGWELL, Victor George

                        TUGWELL, Walter Frederick

                        TUGWELL, W. (Mayor 1893)

                        TUGWELL, William

                        TURNBULL, James Thom(p)son

                        TURNBULL, Patrick

                        TURNER,  Alf; Edmond

                        TURNER, James

                        TURNER, Richard William ernest

                        TURNER, William

                        TURRELL, Esau

                        TURRELL, Jacob

                        TURRELL, Mr.

                        TUXFORD, William Wedd 

                        TWARTZ, Wally

                        TYE, Michael; Alan; Janet


                        UDY, T.K.

                        UNDERWOOD, John Thomas

                        USHER, N.; Ben


                        VANDENBROEK, Rudy

                        VAN DER KAMP, Brock; Tanya; Cette; Rob

                        VAN DER KAMP, Catherina Johanna; Johannes Henricus
                        VAN DER KAMP, Wendy

                        VAN ELST, Cornelius Hendicus

                        VAN OSCH, John; Bernice;

                        VARCOE, Alan; Albert

                        VARCOE, Alfred

                        VARCOE, John; John Jnr.;

                        VARCOE, John (Snr.)

                        VARCOE, Robert

                        VARCOE, Thomas

                        VARCOE, William

                        VARCOE, William Hearn

                        VASKAS, A.G.

                        VAUGHAN, K.J.

                        VAYRYNEN, Paivi

                        VEENSTRA, Chris

                        VEENSTRA, Keith (Jock); Carla;

                        VEENSTRA, Keith

                        VENABLES, Dr.

                        VERBURGT, Bob; Pat;

                        VERCO, James Crabb

                        VERCO, Michael

                        VERCO, Thomas Benjamin

                        VERCOE, Claude Maythorn

                        VERCOE, Edwin Percy

                        VERRALL, H.G.

                        VERSTEEGH, Bob

                        VINCENT, Edgar Parham; Lyn; Eddie

                        VINCENT, Frank Edgar; Ivy Dollina R.;

                        VINCENT, Jenny

                        VINCENT, Viv; Rhonda;

                        VOIGT, Pastor

                        VON BERTOUCH, Carl V.R.

                        VON MUELLER, Baron Sir Ferdinand

                        VORWECK, Harold Carl

                        VOSS, Frederick William


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