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ADMIRAL TERRACE                                 After Y.B. Hutchinson’s mother’s father Vice Admiral Sir William Parker.

ALBURY LANE                                         Probably after the steamer Albury

ALDAM STREET                                       Origin not known.

ALISON STREET                                       Named after Alison Janz the daughter of the landowner who subdivided the land

ANN COURT                                           Named after Ann Traeger, daughter of the landowner who subdivided the land.

ARMFIELD ROAD                                     After H.A. Armfield Mayor of Goolwa

                                                             Corporation 1918-1920, Chairman of Port Elliot & Goolwa Council 1935-1938, Councillor in 1948.

AUGUSTA STREET                                    Augusta Kingdon, maiden name of Mrs. Y.B. Hutchinson.

AVOCA STREET                                       Probably named after the barge Avoca built for the River Murray Navigation Company in 1858.

BAKER STREET                                        Origin not known.

BANFIELD ROAD                                      Origin not known.

BARONET STREET                                    After Sir William Parker created Baronet after the battle of St Vincent in 1797.

BARRAGE ROAD                                      The road to the Goolwa Barrage.

BEACH ROAD                                          The road to Goolwa Beach.  

BEDFORD COURT                                    From the Bedford family who subdivided the land.                                             

BEDFORD DRIVE                                      See above

BILLABONG ROAD                                   Possibly descriptive as most of the adjacent land now occupied by South Lakes Golf course was swamp.

BINGHAM STREET                                   After Admiral Bingham Y.B. Hutchinson’s uncle.

BIRCHALL ROAD                                      Birchall family. Long time school teacher at Goolwa school.                                              

BOSTON STREET                                     North Goolwa subdivision, named after the American city.

BOUGHTON PLACE                                  A Kingdon family name from the Hutchinson family, now renamed as part of Kingdon Place.

BOULT STREET                                        After the Boult family, early settlers.

BOWLEY STREET                                      Bowley family early residents and old established family in Goolwa.

BRADFORD ROAD                                    Origin not known.

BRICKNELL ROAD                                    After an old Goolwa family.

BRISTOW-SMITH AVENUE                        After Reg. Bristow-Smith District Clerk to Port Elliot and Goolwa council from 1939 to 1968.

BROOKING STREET                                 After Lance  Corporal Richard Brooking a member of the survey party who laid out the Town of Goolwa in 1854.

BRYANT STREET                                      Renamed from Galpin Crescent. Bryant was a long serving postmaster.

BUNYIP COURT                                       After the mythical creature.

BUNYIP STREET                                       See above.

BURT STREET                                          After the Burt family who once owned the land.

BYRNES ROAD                                        After the Byrnes family who live in the vicinity.

CADELL STREET                                       After Francis Cadell, pioneer navigator of the River Murray and partly responsible for th

                                                             establishment of the river trade.

CANT ROAD                                           After the Cant family who once owned the  old farmhouse in Jumbuk Road..

CAREY STREET                                        Origin not known. Renamed from Harris Street.

CASTLE AVENUE                                     Leading to Abraham Graham’s original house known locally as Graham’s Castle.

CAVE STREET                                         After J. Cave Clerk of Goolwa Corporation 1881-82, 1882-94.

CHRYSTAL STREET                                  Named after Samuel Chrystal, Councillor and Mayor of Goolwa Corporation 1882-84.

CHURCH PLACE                                      Named by Y.B. Hutchinson who indicated it as the site of a church. Now closed and

                                                             displaced by the Goolwa Recreation Ground.

CLARK STREET                                        Origin not known.

CODDINGTON STREET                            A Hutchinson name of unknown origin, but possibly American.

COLLINGWOOD STREET                          The maiden name of the wife of Vice Admiral  Sir William Parker.

COLMAN ROAD                                      After Charles W. Colman Clerk of the Goolwa Corporation 1874-1881,

                                                             Clerk of Port Elliot & Goolwa Council 1872-1919.

CORCORAN AVENUE                               After P.M. Corcoran, Mayor of Goolwa Corporation 1907-1912.

CORIO TERRACE                                     Originally Crawford Terrace, changed to avoid confusion with Crawford Street

                                                            , named after the original name of the subdivision on its Eastern boundary.

COUNTER ROAD                                     After J. Counter Chairman of Port Elliot & Goolwa Council 1880-83.

CRAWFORD STREET                                After S.M. Crawford Chairman of Port Elliot & Goolwa Council 1857-59 and   owner of a local brewery.

CROCKER STREET                                   After W Crocker a draftsman and member of the survey party who laid out the Town of Goolwa in 1854.

CURRENCY CREEK ROAD                        Leads towards Currency Creek stream.

CURSON PLACE                                      After Curson, manager of Graham’s Slipway and Foundry adjacent to the street.

CUTLER ROAD                                       Origin not known.

CUTTING ROAD                                     The original railway cutting leading to the wharf.



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