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No76 November 2010

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History Room news No 76
November 2010 by Dawn Juers
Hi to you all. After my article last month on the Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program,
I had contact from a couple of readers on the subject. Below is a copy of one email re-printed with
the permission of the author.
“Dear Dawn, I must tell you how pleased I was to hear about the Australian Newspapers
digitisation program. I thought I’d have a browse through, so I selected the Adelaide paper The
Advertiser and put in the date my parents were married in the late 1930’s. As I was browsing
through each page for that date I came across a photo of my mother with a caption telling about my
parents wedding on that day. I was so excited, I emailed the details to my brothers and sisters and
my children. Then I thought I’d have a look for my birth notice under Births. Sure enough the day
after my birthday the notice was in the Advertiser. What a wonderful resource for people
researching the past. And thank you for mentioning it in the History Room newsletter.”
Once again the website is http://newspapers.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/home
Still on the subject of digitising newspapers I was given a cutting from The Age 27th April 2010
where it was mentioned that former professor and convenor of the State Library of Victoria Users
Group, Wallace Kirsop, stated that the federal government is withdrawing funding for the digitising
of newspapers. I do hope that won’t happen.
Speaking of newspapers here is a tip for reading newspapers when on holiday, courtesy of the
Campervan & Motorhome Club Magazine’.
‘How to read newspapers on line – How to get access’.
Library Press Display provides instant online access to today’s newspapers from around the world in fullcolour,
full -page format.
1. You need to be a member of a South Australian public library and have your library card
2. Visit www.libraries.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=213 and select your library from the dropdown
menu, click ‘GO’
3. A new page will open. Enter your library card number in the Barcode field and click ‘Sign
in’ (your number starts with an x followed by ten digits).
4. Hover over ‘select title’ at the top of the page on the right hand side to select your
State Records NSW ‘Online’ microfilm index of shipping lists- Sydney & Newcastle, Pt Phillip
& Moreton Bay (Brisbane)
Persons on bounty ships (Agent’s Immigration Lists) 1838-96 (NRS 5316)
Persons on bounty ships arriving at Pt Philip 1839-51 (NRS 5318)
Germans on bounty ships 1849-52 (NRS 5320)
Victorian Government Gazettes. The State Library now has all the Government Gazettes online,
which are searchable. http://gazette.slv.vic.gov.au
[ excellent site that is fully searchable. Gazettes are virtually from 1836 to the present].
Gawler History http://gawler.sa.gov.au and click on ‘Heritage pamphlets’.
[take a look at ‘Your house…tracing its history’]
The South Australian Hotel
Miller Anderson’s
Bus tickets (with the words of wisdom on the reverse)
Flower Day
Samorn the elephant
‘Spiders’ (soft drink with a scoop of ice-cream)
Paperboys (calling out the headline of the day)
The Theatre Royal
The Savoy (short films and cartoons were shown all day – you could wander in and leave when the
film was being repeated where you’d come in).
The Koala Farm
Prosh Day
Underground toilets
City Baths
Black boy in the Tobacconist (Rundle Street)
Rowley Park Speedway
Palais Royal
Princeton Club
Hindley St Ice Skating Rink
Payneham Ice Skating Rink
Bus and Tram Conductors
Square iceblocks in a cone
1penny icecreams
Happy Researching
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