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Walter Pretty Collection - People

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 5 months ago

Walter Pretty Collection - People ( as at May 2008)


Alphabetical listing of files held on people in the History Room compactus (Please see volunteers or staff to obtain access. Identification will be required).



                        ABBOTT, Deane, Elizabeth


                        ABBOTT, Giles, Snr.and Jnr.


                        ABBOTT, Hedley Poole


                        ABBOTT, Herbert Lewis


                        ABBOTT, Jacob


                        ABBOTT, John


                        ABBOTT, Sarah


                        ABSOLOM, Matilda


                        ACRAMAN, John


                        ADAM, Robert


                        ADAMS, Angas Frank


                        ADAMS, Diana


                        ADAMS, Una Elizabeth


                        ADAMS, William Frank


                        ADDISON, Arthur Richmond (Richman?)


                        ADELAIDE, Augustus Lord, Bishop of


                        ALDAG, Nancy


                        ALDAM, Clyde Boyce


                        ALDAM, Mary Honor


                        ALDERSEY, Elizabeth Emma


                        ALDERSEY, Richard Baker


                        ALEXANDER, John


                        ALLAN, D.R.A.G. (Douglas Reginald Archibald Grant)


                        ALLAN, Gladys Mavis


                        ALLEN, George


                        ALLEN, Guy


                        ALLEN, James, and ALLEN, James Jr.


                        ALLEN, J.A. (John Arthur)


                        ALLEN, Markus


                        ALLEN, O.D. (Owen Desmond)


                        ALLEN, Thomas


                        ALLEN, W.H. (William Henry)


                        ALLENDER, Thomas


                        ALPORT, J.


                        AMBROSE, Chris


                        AMEY, G.A. (George Arthur)


                        AMEY, Lorraine


                        AMEY, S.P. (Sidney Philip)


                        AMEY, Terence George


                        ANDERSON, Joseph


                        ANDERSON, Robert


                        ANDERSSON, Mary Dorothy


                                                             (see also - GOOLWA - MATTHEW MOORE’S HOUSE


                                                                                                       MOORE’S COTTAGE


                                                                                                also MOORE, Florence Kathleen


                                                                                                       MOORE, Mark


                                                                                                       MOORE, Matthew


                        ANGAS, George Fife (also ANGAS, George French)


                        ANSTEY, George (also ANSTEY, C.J.)


                        APPLEBY, Bill


                        ARBORN, Mrs. E.L.


                        ARCHER, Alfred


                        ARMFIELD, D.M. (Dorothy Maud)


                        ARMFIELD, Herbert Alexander


                        ARMFIELD, H.M. (Herbert Marsden)


                        ARMFIELD, Jane


                        ARMFIELD, Jean


                        ARMFIELD, J.E. (Joyce Elizabeth)


                        ARMFIELD, J.W. (Joseph Willie)


                        ARMFIELD, S.


                        ARMFIELD, S.F. (Sydney Frederick)


                        ARNOLD, J.G. (J. George)


                        ARTHUR, Ivor K.


                        ASCHBERGER, Tony; Yvonne


                        ASHENDEN, J.D. and H.E.


                        ASHENDEN, Ron


                        ASHLEY, Steve


                        ASHTON, J.G. (Joseph Gates)


                        ASTON, Mary


                        ATKINS, Benjamin


                        ATKINS, B.W. (Benjamin William)


                        ATKINS, Herbert Henry McBeth


                        ATKINS, Horace


                        ATKINSON, Robert


                        ATKINSON, T.H. (Thomas Henry)


                        ATTRACTA, Sister Mary


                        ATTRILL, Thomas


                        AVERAY, Brian


                        AVERY, John


                        AYERS, A.E. (Arthur Ernest)


                        AYERS, Fred


                        AYERS, H.L. (Harry Lockett)



                        BAANER, O.A.; BACKLER, H.T.; BADHAM, William;


                        BABBAGE, B.Herschel


                        BAGOT, John Tothill; BAGOT, Christopher Michael;


                        BAHNISCH, Margaret Nancy; BAILEY, William; BAIN, Dr. S.;


                                                BAINGER, W.A.; BAIRD, James;


                        BAILEY, Walter Francis


                        BAKER, Bertram William Lenard; P.; Mrs. Charles; Christine; 


                                                                        G.W.; Jim; Hon. John; James Hoad; Robeena Sarah;




                        BAKER, John Law 


                                                                        (see also - PLUMMER, B.


                                                                                       PLUMMER, Eliza)


                        BAKER, Ron


                        BAKER, Thomas Brown


                        BAKEWELL, William Kenneth; BALDOCK, Albert;


                        BALFOUR, Ivy Winifred


                        BALFOUR-OGILVY, Freda,Walter;


                        BALL, Leonard; Mrs. Muriel; Val


                        BALLARD, John Thomas; BALLARD, Mary Ann;


                                                                        BALLARD, Richard


                                                                               (see also - GOOLWA - BALLARD’S HOUSE)


                        BALLARD, Ross


                                                BALLINGER, Evelyn Merle


                        BARAC, Maria


                        BARBER, Elizabeth


                        BARBER, William


                                                (see also - GOOLWA - CAPT. BARBER’s HOUSE)


                        BARCLAY, Alan John “Chips”; Henry Davidson; Margaret;


                                                                        Robert; Thomas;


                        BARCLAY, Henry Verve


                        BARCLAY, James


                        BARCLAY, Robert


                        BARKER, Captain Collet


                        BARKER, George William


                        BARKER, James


                        BARKER, John


                        BARKER, Thomas Ellis


                        BARKER, William Craddock


                        BARNES, Ron; Thomas Kiffin;


                        BARNETT, Frederick John


                        BARNETT, H.; W.K.;


                        BARR, James


                        BARRETT, S.


                        BARROW, Arthur John


                        BARTEL, K.D.; Ross;


                        BARTLETT, Arnold Hallam; Connie; Mona Laureen;


                                                                        Wallace Wood; Wm. R.; Roly

                                                BARTON, C.E.; BARTON Bros.; Cliff; J.; Emma; G.; Henry;


                                                                        Joseph; Joseph George; Oliver Byrnes; Joe


                        BARWICK, Mrs. Olive;


                        BASEBY, John;


                        BASHAM, Anne; charles; Gwenneth; Hubert James; Johnathon;


                                                                        Joseph George; Margaret Anne (see also ‘Anne’);


                                                                        Naomi; Phillip Lancelot; William; W.J.;


                        BASHAM, William


                        BASTIAN, Alfred


                        BATCHELOR, Albert William George; BATCHELOR, John


                                                                        William Alton;


                        BATES, James Watkins; BATES, T.;


                        BATH, Henry


                        BATHGATE, Mr.


                        BATSON, William


                        BATTERSBY, Bob


                                                BATTYE, George William


                        BAYLY, Rex


                        BEAGLEHOLE, William Henry


                        BEASLEY, John


                        BEATY, Vanessa


                        BECK, Frederick John


                        BECK, John   (see also BECK, Frederick John


                                                                                       HALLETT, Alfred


                                                                                       HALLETT, John


                                                                                       STILLING, Joseph)


                        BECKETT, Mary


                        BECKWITH, Reighman Francis


                        BEDDOME, Robert Winter; BEDDOME, Mary-Anne;


                        BEDFORD, Harold H., J.P.; Lloyd George; Mrs. L; Mrs. Sylvia;


                                                                        Mrs. Winifred M.;


                        BEDSON, Frederick Allan; Mrs. M.E.M.;


                                                BELCHER, William Henry


                        BELL, David; John

                        BELT, William Charles


                        BENCE, Kristen


                        BENJAMIN, Moses


                        BENNETT, Charlotte Elicia; George; Robert; Elisha;


                                                                        (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        BENNETT, Herbert Stanley


                        BENTLEY, Edward


                        BERGH, Frank


                        BERNIE, Jack


                        BERRY, Capt. Richard; William;


                        BESSELL, Alan Gordon


                        BEVAN, Frederick; Frederick Robert; Robert I; Robert II;


                                                                        William Robert; (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        BIAR, Eric Herbert, Joyce Margaret


                        BICKFORD, John Alfred


                        BINGHAM, John;


                        BIRCHALL, Albert


                                                                        (see also - GOOLWA-CURSON’S RESIDENCE


                                                                                           PATENT SLIP AND IRON  FOUNDRY


                                                                                           HOOKER AND CURSON


                                                                                           GOODE, Thomas Charles)


                        BIRCHALL, Edna.M.;


                        BIRCHALL, Gladys Edith; BIRCHALL, Nora;


                        BIRKILL, Robert Reginald, J.P.


                        BIRKS, Walter Richard;


                                                BISHOP, J.C.; C.J.; Ray;


                        BLACK, Donald Arthur; Alfred Barham; Max;


                        BLACKER, Margaret


                        BLACKET, A.; Leigh


                        BLACKSTOCK, Frances Patricia


                        BLAKE, Capt.


                        BLAND - see DIXON, Eliza


                        BLEECHMORE, Charles Augustus


                        BLENKINSOP, Capt.


                        BLOM, Denise Geraldine; Johannes;


                        BLUE, Dr.


                        BLYTH, Sir Arthur (see also HANSON, Richard Davies)


                        BLYTH, Neville


                        BOLLENHAGEN, Henry


                        BOLTON, Dennis


                        BOND, Mary (nee Goode)


                        BOND, Natalie


                        BONNAR, J.J.


                        BONNER, Barry


                        BONNIN, Alfred


                        BONYTHON, Lindsay Gordon


                        BOONE, John Powell


                        BOOTH, Edward


                        BOOTHBY, Benjamin


                        BOOTHBY, Edward Robert


                        BORN, Fred


                        BORRETT, George; John; W.P.;


                        BOSWORTH, Richard Daniel


                        BOTHAMLEY, Thomas Hilton                     


                        BOTTEN, Elizabeth


                        BOTTEN, Henry Herbert


                        BOTTEN, J.A.; Sophie Martha; William James;


                        BOTTEN, William Dyas


                        BOTTEN, William James


                        BOTTOMLEY, J.F.


                        BOUCH, Joseph


                        BOULT, J.; Walter


                        BOUNDY, Kevin


                        BOWDEN, Ada Gertrude; Albert Edward; Cliff;


                        BOWEY, William Ray


                        BOWLEY, Albert Edward; C.; Catherine; Charles; James George;


                                                Jean Blanche; Mary Jane; Sydney Earnest Victor;


                        BOWLEY, James


                        BOWLEY, Joseph Albert


                        BOWMAN, Alexander, William;


                        BOXALL, Henry


                        BOYD, Robert


                        BOYER, Gertrude; BOYER, Rev. Thomas M.;


                        BOYES, Frederick


                        BRADFORD, Arthur; Julia Alice; W. Jnr.; Karyn


                        BRAIDWOOD, Ivan Leo


                        BRAMMER, O.L.


                        BRANDON, Moses


                        BRAY, Christopher


                        BRICKNELL, Elizabeth; Coleen; David; Joseph;


                        BRISHAM, William


                        BRISTOW-SMITH, Clarice Doreen


                        BRISTOW-SMITH, Jeffrey


                        BRISTOW-SMITH, Reginald Howard


                        BRITNELL, Frances Janet; Karen;


                        BRITTAIN, Leslie George Murdock; Leslie Livingstone; Bert


                        BROAD, Henry


                        BRODIE, Ivan Keith


                        BRODIE, Leslie John


                        BRODIE, Ralph Maynard


                                                (for BRODIE, see also: GOOLWA:BURRANG


                                                                                                  PEOPLE: GRAHAM, Abraham)


                        BROKENSHIRE, Amie


                        BRONNER, John


                        BROOK, David


                        BROOK, Edward George; Charles; William;


                        BROOKMAN, Benjamin Edward


                        BROTHERS, Phoebe Gladys Hayton


                        BROWN, Captain; Ivy May; Neville John; Robert; William Foster;




                        BROWNE, Leonard Gilbert; O.; William Edward;


                        BROWNING, Eudora Phillis


                        BRUCE, Kate


                        BRUNATO-ARTHUR, Madeleine


                        BRYANT, Henry Edward


                        BUCHANAN, Sir George


                        BUCK, Robert


                        BULL, John; John Wrathall; Noel Carlton; William; Keith;


                        BUNDEY, Mrs. Jeannie Eva; D.H.; F.L.


                        BUNKER, Doug


                        BURCHETT, Chris


                        BURDEN, James; James Leslie; Lorna June;


                        BURGAR, George; W.; George Thomas; James Joseph;


                                                Stephen John; William John;


                        BURGESS, Rev. Mr.;


                        BURNELL, George;


                        BURNS, Elma Lillian; Kenneth A.;


                        BURZACOTT, M.J.; Samuel; Sarah


                        BUSSELL, Canon W.


                        BUTLER, Alf; Amanda Jane; Harriet;


                                                                        Samuel; Todd;


                        BYRNE, James



                        CADELL, Capt. Francis


                        CAIRNS, Mabel


                        CAIRNS, William


                        CALLAHAN, Mike


                        CAMERON, Elvie Caroline; John;


                        CAMPBELL, Charles James Fox; Ron; Ronald John;


                                                                        Shirley Leonie;


                        CAMPBELL, William


                        CANDY, James


                        CARLE, Athol


                        CARMICHAEL, Margaret; Ned;


                        CARPENTER, Douglas Albert; Peter; Kenneth;


                        CARR, Gwenda Mabel


                        CARR, Noel; Karen;


                                                CARRATHERS, Mr.


                        CARRINGTON, Harriet; Thomas;


                        CARRUTH, Robert; Eliz.


                        CARRUTHERS, John


                        CASTLE, Alf


                        CATT, Caroline Crastin


                        CAVE, B.; Hugo C.


                        CAVE, John


                        CAWTHEN, Jack Reginald


                        CHALLEN, James


                        CHAMBERS, J.; Thomas Waterhouse;


                        CHAPLIN, John Herbert


                        CHAPMAN, Andrew; Robert Charles; Tom (T.L.);


                        CHAPMAN, Jack Dudley


                        CHARLES, William


                        CHARLTON, Edward


                        CHAUNCY, John Warren Hastings; Willliam Snell;


                        CHERITON, John


                        CHEW, John


                        CHIBNALL, James; James;


                        CHIBNALL, Roseanna Marjorie; John; Julia;


                        CHOUNDING, Yvonne


                        CHRISTIAN, William


                        CHRISTIE, Ruby Isabel Olive


                        CHIGWIDDEN, Arthur Harold


                        CHRYSTAL, Mrs. E.; Henry J.; Herbert J.; S.;


                        CHRYSTAL, Elizabeth


                        CHRYSTAL, Samuel


                        CHURCH, John Thomas


                        CLARE, Evelyn Yvonne


                        CLARK, Algernon Sidney; Caroline Emily; Edward; Francis;


                                                George; George Henry; John Francis; John Howard; -


                                                Thomas; Thomas the Younger; Kenneth (Nobby);                                                             Gladys Ruth;


                        CLARK, Lyn


                        CLARK, Walter Morgan


                        CLARKE (CLARK), Alan Stafford; Cecil Sommers; Douglas; E.;


                                                Mrs. Eileen; Eileen Eliza; John Henry; John Howard;


                                                J.M. ; Isaac; Peter Warren; William; W.H.;


                                                                        William Henry;


                        CLARKE, James Andrew


                        CLARKEN, Melissa             


                        CLAUGHTON, Clarence Alfred


                        CLEE, Heather


                        CLEGGETT, Justin


                        CLEGGETT, Val


                        CLEMENTS, Denis


                        CLENDENING, William Talbot


                        CLIFF, Geoff; May;


                        CLIFT, Gavin Robert


                        CLOSE, James


                        COCK, Lorna May; Robert; William Francis


                        COCKRANE, Ray


                        COCKSHELL, Ellen Gertrude; George Daniel;


                        COHEN, Elizabeth; Eliza; Esther; Elizabeth; Isaac; Flora; Sophia;


                        COHEN. Emmanuel


                        COLDWELL, Rev. Charles; Jane Rice;


                        COLE, Allan; Stevie;


                        COLE, Stephen


                        COLEBATCH, G.G.; Sir Hal; John Polydore; W.;


                        COLEBATCH, George Pateshall


                        COLLETT, Miriam Amy


                        COLLETT, Norm


                        COLLETT, Ralph Vivian




                        COLLEY, Isabella; ADA Ellen;


                        COLLEY, Richard Bowen


                        COLLEY, Richard Neville


                        COLLINS, Frederick; Dot


                        COLLINSON, E.G.


                        COLMAN, Charles Wilson


                        COLMAN, William


                        COLVILLE, Margaret


                        COMMERFORD, Des


                        CONIGRAVE, Sarah


                        CONNELL, John; Dr. John;


                        CONSIDINE, Catherine


                        COOK, George Henry; Charles Edward; George Edward;


                        COOMBE, John


                        COOPER, George Charles; James Jonadab; Liz; William;


                        COOTE, Albert Charles; Arthur Richard;


                        COPE, Henry Spencer; Joseph Staines; Joseph Staines Jr.;


                        COPPIN, Jim


                        CORCORAN, Catherine Theresa; P.M.;


                        CORCORAN, Patrick Michael; Denise;


                        CORNISH, Benjamin


                        COTTON, Claude Robbins; George Samuel; COTTRELL, Sarah;


                        COTTON, George Witherage


                        COUNSELL, James


                        COUNTER, J.


                        COVENTRY, Graham


                        COX, Bill;


                        COX, Myrtle Amyria; Reba Mary


                        COX, Peter John;


                        CRABTREE, Chris


                        CRAIG, Richard


                        CRAIG, Susannah Amelia


                        CRAMPTON, John


                        CRANWELL, Miss J.


                        CRAWFORD BROTHERS


                        CRAWFORD, Edward James Frederick


                        CRAWFORD, Frederick Henry


                        CRAWFORD, Henry Spencer; James Field;


                        CRAWFORD, James John


                        CRAWFORD, Jane


                        CRAWFORD, Lindsay


                        CRAWFORD, Pauline


                        CRAWFORD, Richard


                        CRAWFORD, Sidney Malone


                        CRAWFORD, Thomas George Tremlett


                        CREIG, Richard


                        CREMER, Edward; Jane; William;


                        CRESWELL, John


                        CRESWICK, James Francis


                        CRIDDLE, Kathleen Lilian Harkes


                        CROCKER, Norman John


                        CROOKS, Marianne


                        CROSS, Stefan; Milton;


                        CROSSLEY, Genevieve


                        CROUCH, G.F.; P.;


                        CROUCHER, Joseph Owen; L.;


                        CROWDER, Ruth Maureen


                        CROWHURST, Dennis


                        CROWHURST, Les


                        CROWLE, James


                        CRUMP, Rev. R.


                        CULLEN, Horace John Thomas; Jeffery; Luke Michael;


                        CUMING, Robert


                        CUMMINGS, Chris; Keith; Paul;


                        CURNOW, Lorna; Sydney Hodgson;


                        CURSON, George Frederic


                        CURSON, R.


                        CURSON, Thomas


                        CUSSION, Sylvia


                        CUTHBERT, David


                        CUTHBERTSON, William Gilmour






                        DA CASTRO, Hananel; DE CASTRO, Joseph;


                        DA COSTA, Benjamin Mendes


                        DA COSTA, Louise


                        DADD, Stephen John; Robert Terence; Brenda Joyce; Ellen Sarah;


                                                Harold Stanley;


                        DALY, Sir Dominick


                        DALY, Dominick Gore; Louisa;


                        DALZIEL, Mary; Samuel;


                        DANCE, John


                        DANTZ, John


                        DART, Charles


                        DARWIN, William Henry


                        DASHWOOD, Capt. George F.


                        DAVENPORT, Sir Samuel


                        DAVEY, Sue


                        DAVIDSON, Harold Baird; Isabella Johnston; J.; John; John James;




                        DAVIE, Kathie


                        DAVIES, Dr. Charles


                        DAVIES, Cyril Clifton


                        DAVIES, William


                        DAVIS, Avis; R.; Edmund Ebenezer; Eliza; John; Leslie Frederick;


                                                Malcolm; Robert B.; Thelma Myrtle;


                        DAVIS, Jim


                        DAVIS, William & Marion


                        DAVIS, William; Eliza;


                        DAVOREN, Pat


                        DAWKINS, Dr. C.


                        DAWSON, Miriam & David; William;


                        DEBNEY, George Robert


                        DE CAUX, Mrs. Daphne


                        DE COLYAR, Henry Anselm


                        DE CONTE, Ralph John


                        DEER, Mrs. Grace


                        DEER, Lloyd; Lois;


                        DE LEON, Hananel


                        DENNIS, Alfred Holme; Donald Murray; Laurel Emily; Kallan;


                        DENT, Agnes; Agent; Agen; Albert James Frederick;


                                                Esther Caroline; Harry Joseph; Marjorie Doris;                                                                Mary Olive; Maude; Owen K.; Ronald Thomas    


                                                                      Stewart; Stewart Fawles; T.A.; William Owen




                        DENVER, Peter; Pat; Brian;


                        DE ROSE, Amelia; Charles Henry;


                        DEVANEY, Harriet; Thomas;


                        DICK, Gordon Stewart; Winifred Shirley;


                        DICKER, Bob; Erica;


                        DICKSON, Capt. P.; Capt. W.; Janet Harkes; Margaret Sinclair;




                        DIETMAN, Clarence Charles


                        DING, Edgar Ellis; John; J.; William;


                        DINGLEY, Charles


                        DITTMER, Elizabeth Agnes; Hermann


                        DIX, Glen; Jeffrey; Keith; K.; Max;


                        DIXON, David; Eliza; Sue;


                        DOCKING, William


                        DODD, Alfred George; Fanny; Frank Septimane; Frederic; Jack S.;


                                                James; Keith; Rhoda Elsie; Walter John;


                                                                        DODD & PAGE;


                        DODD, Charles John George; Eric; Rita;


                        DODD, Eliezer Hainsworth


                        DODD, Emily


                        DODD, Frank Hainsworth


                        DODD, Jack Spencer; Minnie Isabella;


                        DODD, John; Ian;


                        DODD, Mabel Louisa


                        DOHERTY, Margaret


                        DOMAN, Mr.


                        DONALDSON, Elizabeth


                        DONEY, Samuel


                        DORROUGH, Harold


                        DOUGLAS, B.


                        DOUGLAS, Dr.


                        DOUGLAS, Capt. Bloomfield;


                        DOW, Ian Baird


                        DOWDY, James


                        DOWLAND, Doris Owen; Emma Owen; Francis; Frederick Archie;


                                                Thomas Alonzo; William;


                        DOWLAND, Thomas


                        DOWNES, Kate


                        DOWNING, Lindy


                        DRAKE, Bob


                        DRAPER, Daniel James


                        DREW, Debbie


                        DRIDAN, David


                        DRIVER, Fanny Elizabeth; Raymond Lauriston;


                        DRUMMOND, Percy


                        DUBOIS, Blanche Gladys (a.k.a. Lady Blanche Gladys


                                                ROUNDWAY); William;


                        DUCRET, Henrietta


                        DUDDELL, Frances Kate; George;


                        DUFF, Wm.


                        DUFFIELD, Mick


                        DUFFIELD, Noel G.W.


                        DUGMORE, Brian; Maureen;


                        DUIGNAN, Eileen Theresa; Margaret; Veronica;


                        DULLER, Eugene Arthur


                        DUNBAR,  Michael Bernard; Gladys;


                        DUNKERLY, Donald


                        DUNKS, Evelyn; John Laurence; Moray Athol Henry; Stanley;


                        DUNN, Lindsay; Mrs. T.; C.H., J.P.


                        DUNSTAN, Martin


                        DUNSTALL, Brian


                        DURDIN, Francis


                        DURWARD, Allan


                        DUTHIE, David;


                        DUTTON, Edward Ernest;


                        DUTTON, Mary Elizabeth


                        DYER, Raylee; W.J.;


                        DYKE, Thomas



                        EADON, S.B.


                        EARNEY, William


                        EASTTY, John


                        EASTWOOD, John


                        EATON, George


                        EATON, Lois


                        EDGECUMBE, Henry William


                        EDMUNDS, Sarah Elizabeth


                        EDWARDS, Arnold Albert


                        EDWARDS, Desmond Arnold; Edward Keith;


                        EDWARDS, Elizabeth May


                        EDWARDS, Lottie May


                        EDWARDS, Mary Josephine


                        EDWARDS, Robin Adelyn


                        EDWARDS, Terence Barker


                        EGGE, John


                        EHRET, Albert Arthur


                        EKERS, Ken


                        ELDER, George Senior; George the Younger


                        ELFENBEIN, Charles; J.;


                        ELLIOT, Joseph; John; Noel;


                        ELLIS, Albert


                        ELLIS, Albert Charles


                        ELLIS, E.E.


                        ELLIS, F.


                        ELLIS, H.J.


                        ELLIS, John


                        ELLIS, Thomas


                        ELVERSTON, William Marsden


                        ENGLAND, John Alfred; Patricia Mary;


                        ENGLISH, Thomas, M.L.C.


                        ESTICK, Lucy Emily


                        EVAN, Belinda


                        EVANS, Arthur Ernest Herbert


                        EVANS, Arthur Percy


                        EVANS, David Jnr.


                        EVANS, David Snr.


                        EVANS, Emily Mary


                        EVANS, Capt. James


                        EVANS, Murray


                        EVANS, N.H.


                        EVANS, Vera Mary


                        EVANS, William S.


                        EWART, Mary


                        EWEN, Bill


                        EWENS, Annie Maria


                        EWENS, John Reynolds


                        EWENS, Murray Hooper


                        EYMER, Christian Phillip


                        EYRE, Edward John



                        FAIRWEATHER, Simon


                        FARCH, Edith


                        FARQUHAR, William


                        FARRELL, Esau


                        FARRELL, Jacob


                        FARRELL, Very Rev. James


                        FARROW, Edward Robert


                        FARTCH, Ian


                        FARTCH, Sinclair Laird


                        FATT, Alick


                        FAULDING, Francis Hardey


                        FAZEKAS, Shirley


                        FEATHERSTONE, Harold Collis


                        FEIST, Dennis


                        FELLA, Joe


                        FENN, Charles


                        FERGUSON, Alan Francis


                        FERGUSON, John Adam; J.F.;


                        FERGUSON, Raymond George;


                        FERGUSON, William


                        FIDOCK, George Thomas


                        FIDOCK, James


                        FIDOCK, John; Mary Catherine;


                        FIDOCK, William Henry


                        FIEGERT, H.A.


                        FIELD, George; Henry; Joseph;


                        FIELDING, Alfred


                        FINDLAY, Cicely Anne; Michael David;


                        FINLAY, Edward Bullock


                        FINN, Bob; Valda;


                        FINNISS, Boyle Travers


                        FISHER, Edward Peck; Joseph; Leonard Howard; Stella Elda;                                                             Sydney;


                        FLAMANK, Gerald Wayne; Heidi Marie;


                                                FLANNAGAN, Mrs. Kath


                        FLEMING, Alfred William; Mary Anne; Muriel Phyllis;


                        FLENCHÉ, Andreas; George;


                        FLESHER, David; Elizabeth Cranston;


                        FLETCHER, Gertrude Helen; Henry; Mrs. K.; Rachael; Dugald;


                        FLOWER, Matthew


                        FLOWER, Owen Willet


                        FOLLETT, Ken


                        FORBES, Harriet


                        FORSTER, Anthony; Elizabeth; John;


                        FOSTER, Isaac (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        FOSTER, William Thomas


                        FOWLER, G.S.; David; Robert N.;


                        FRANCES, Sam


                        FRANCIS, Francis Gittins; Samantha; Peter;


                        FRANKLIN, John; William;


                        FRASER, R.M.; Donald John McLean;


                        FRAYNE, C.; Eliza; J.J.; Thomas;


                        FRAYNE, John Raglan; T.; Jemima Jessie; John Edmonton;


                        FREELING, A.H.


                        FREEMAN,  Capt. T.H.; Jonas W.;


                        FRENCH, Don


                        FREW, James; Robert;


                        FRICKER, Richard


                        FRIEND, Frederick


                        FRITH, Edmund; John Griffith;


                        FROME, Lt. Edward Charles


                        FUDGE, Olga


                        FULLER, Evan William; Harold; Harold Francis Samuel;                                                                        Henry Jack; Kate;


                        FULLER, Samuel


                        FURNER, Luke Lidiard




                                                GALLAGHER, G.G.


                        GALPIN, Edward Peter Deane; Hurtle John Thomas; Rex Albyn;                                                           Don; R.;Thelma Jean; Annie Higgins;


                        GALPIN, Roy Bennett Fothergill;


                        GALPIN, Roy Lindsay


                        GALPIN, Valma Winifred;


                        GANLEY, Michael


                        GANN, Eric C.


                        GARDINER, Bruce


                        GARDINER, William


                        GARDNER, Arthur Henry; George Byron; Henry Richard John;


                                                                        Kenneth John; Walter Scott;


                        GARDNER, William; William Shakespeare;


                        GARNER, Bert


                        GAULT, Samuel Richard


                        GAWLER, K.H., Lt. Col. George


                        GEISLER, Rose


                        GERSTACKER, Friedrich; RR. (Right Rev.?) 


                        GIBBONS, Hope; Edith; Emily Lily; George;


                        GIBSON, George; Joshua;


                        GILBERT, Samuel; Henry; Thomas; Richard;


                        GILDING, Edmund


                        GILL, Robyn


                        GILLMORE, Herbert Sidney


                        GILPIN, William; Ellen;


                        GIRDLESTONE, Walter


                        GLADWYN, Ellen


                        GLANVILL, Cornelius Ruck; John;


                        GLASSENBERY, J.


                        GLASSENBURY, Frederick


                                                GLASTONBURY, John Henry


                        GLOVER, George Edward; H.M. and A.M.; Thomas;


                        GLUYAS, Melva Aileen; Thomas Hampton;


                        GLYDE, Lavington


                        GODFREY, Ada Beatrice; Alan Norman; Caroline Minna; Charles;


                                                                        Charles John; Charles Ray; Henry Wilfred;


                                                                        Minnie Caroline; John; J.; T.; Thomas;


                        GODSON, Henry Alfred


                        GOLDING, D.; Stephen;


                        GOLDSMITH, John; Martha; Sarah;


                        GOODALE, James John;


                        GOODE, Alan Stanley; Alfred Henry Lancelot; Alison Gladys;


                                                                        Alick; Alison Helen; Arthur; Catherine;


                                                                        Catherine Jane Harkes; Charles; Charles Edward;


                                                                        Edward Douglas; David George;


                                                                        GOODE, DURRANT and MURRAY, Ltd.;


                                                                        Elsie Powell; Miss Fanny; Francis; Ethel Jane;


                                                                        Harold Ralph; Georgina May; Irene Lanetta;


                                                                        Isabel Jean; Mrs. Jane; Kathleen Lilian Harkes;


                                                                        Lillian May; Matthew; Samuel; T. and E.; Mrs. T.;


                                                                        Dr. Thomas; Thomas Johnston;


                        GOODE, Sir Charles Henry


                        GOODE, Edward


                        GOODE, Francis


                        GOODE, Harold Deykin (see also BOND, Mary [née GOODE])


                        GOODE, Thomas Sen. (4 files)


                        GOODE, Thomas The Younger (2 files)


                        GOODE, Thomas Charles


                        GOODE, William Roger


                        GOODFELLOW, Ronald Frank


                        GORDAN, William


                        GORDEN, James


                        GORDGE, John


                        GORDON, Charlotte Amelia


                        GORDON, Donald Jeffrey; Emma Maria; Geoffrey; James;


                                                                        James Murray; Kennet W.; William;


                                                                        William Jaffrey;


                        GORDON, James Guthrie


                        GORDON, John


                        GORDON, John Hannah


                        GOSS, Henry


                        GOSS, (Rev.) J. H.;


                        GOSS, R.


                        GOUGE, Herbert Dillon


                        GOUGER, Robert


                        GOULD, Benjamin


                        GOULD, William James


                        GOVAN, John George


                        GOWLING, H.M.


                        GOWLING, John


                        GOYDER, George Woodroffe


                        GRAHAM, Abraham (3 files)


                        GRAHAM, Charles Ross


                        GRAHAM, Duncan Nelson; Ann


                        GRAHAM, Ethel May


                        GRAHAM, James; Ann


                        GRAHAM, Mary


                        GRAHAM, Peggy Ethel - see also ROWE, Peggy Ethel


                        GRAHAM, Percy Ewart


                        GRAHAM, Reginald George


                        GRAINGER, Frederick William


                        GRAINGER, Henry


                        GRAINGER, John


                        GRANDEY, Emily Joan


                        GRANDEY, John Norman


                        GRANT, (Lieut.) James


                        GRANT, Mary Ann; Heather;


                        GRAY, Benjamin Charles Thomas


                        GRAY, John


                        GRAY, William Henry


                        GREAYER, P.C.


                        GREEN, Francis Joseph; John Joseph; Dorothy;


                        GREEN, George


                        GREEN, Janet; Joseph John;


                        GREEN, William


                        GREENFIELD, Frederick


                        GREER, Baden


                        GREY, (Sir) George


                        GRIFFEN, Ryan


                        GRIFFIN, Barry;


                        GRIFFIN, Norman Charles;


                        GRIFFITHS, Sharon


                        GRIGGS, Keith


                        GROSE, Tobias John


                        GROSVENOR, A.


                        GROSVENOR-MARTIN, Alice Ademener


                        GROTH, Mrs. Etty Bettina


                        GROVES, Thomas


                        GRUNDY, Alice


                        GRUNDY, Eustace Beardoe; George; George Joseph;


                                                                        Joseph Hindmarsh; Ross Kenneth; Nellie Irene;


                        GRUNDY, Capt. John


                        GRUNDY, Capt. Robert


                        GRUNDY, Capt. Walter (HINDMARSH ISLAND)


                        GUM, Dora


                        GUNBY, Catherine Elizabeth; William;


                                                                        (see also GOOLWA: GAINSBOROUGH COTTAGE)


                        GUNN, Reginald Leonard; Dorothy; Thomas;


                        GURR, Caleb George; John Henry;


                        GURRIE, Delphine June;


                        GWYNNE, Edward C.



                        HACKET, Dorothy Bates


                        HAHNEFIELD, A.


                        HAILSTONE, Edward Charles


                                                HAINES, Frederick George


                        HAINES, William


                        HAKE, Sydney


                        HALDANE, Robert


                        HALL, George; Geoffrey Michael; Sarah;


                        HALLETT, Catherine; Alfred;


                        HALLETT, John


                        HAMILTON, A.; Barry Bernard; Barbara Joan; Brett; E., J.P.;




                        HAMLYN, Edward; Tamar;


                        HANCE, G.; John; 


                        HANCOCK, Doris Hazel


                        HANDBY, Annie Catherine;


                        HANDBY, Harry Herbert;


                        HANN, Leslie William


                        HANNA, Robert


                        HANSON, Richard Davies


                        HARDIE, William; Elizabeth Esther;


                        HARDING, Walter James; William; John; Colin A.; J.S.; James;


                        HARDY, Arthur; Arthur Marmaduke; Charles Burton;


                        HAREN, Gloria Eunice; William Edward; Neil;


                        HARGREAVES, Samuel the Younger (MIDDLETON)


                        HARGREAVES, Walter William


                        HARRIS, Alexander; Richard Wilfred;


                        HARRISON, Brian; Henry Shafto; J.B.R.; Fred; Avis; Stuart;


                        HART, Harry; Sarah Jane;


                        HARTMANN, Rudolph Wilhelm


                        HARVEY, Mary Petrie; Samuel; Thomas Harry;


                        HASTIE, Ada Gertrude; Evelyn;


                        HATCHETT, John


                        HAVELBERG, Melvin


                        HAWKES, Eliza Elizabeth


                        HAWKINS, Ethel May; R.D.;


                        HAY, Agnes; Rosina;


                        HAY, Alexander


                        HAYNES, Charles Burnett; Frederick Abbott; Thomas; W.S.;


                        HAYS, William Bennett


                        HAYWARD, Charles Waterfield; William;


                        HAZELWOOD, Cecil Alexander


                        HECTOR, John


                        HEGGATON, Neil; W.;


                        HEGGATON, Percival Thomas (HINDMARSH ISLAND)


                                                                        See also - GRAHAM, Abraham


                                                                                         GRAHAM, Mary


                                                                                         GOOLWA - PLACES: BURRANG


                        HEIGHT, W.


                        HEINIKE, Kenneth Charles;


                        HENDERSON, Mary; Mary Anne; Robert; William; Andrew;                                                                   Thomas;


                        HENLEY, A.E.


                        HENLEY, Alfred John


                        HENLEY, Benjamin William


                        HENLEY, Edwin (Edward) Thomas;


                        HENLEY, Hilda May


                        HENLEY, Thomas; Eliz; Edgar; Minnie;


                        HENNESSEY, Miss Eliza


                        HENSCHKE, T.R.


                        HERBERT, R.; Lloyd Herbert, J.P.;


                        HERSEY, Henry


                        HESELTINE, Samuel Richard


                                                            See also - GOOLWA - AUSTRALASIAN HOTEL


                        HEWITT, Catherine Jean Clare


                                                            See also - GOOLWA - ORIGINAL GRANTEES OF LAND


                                                                                Section 106 'OSSWALD’S ALLOTMENT 106'


                        HEWITT, Lawrence, J.P.,  


                        HEYSEN, Joan


                        HEYWOOD, Eardley Thomas Louis


                        HICKS, Melita


                        HICKS, Victor George; Margaret Joy;


                        HIGGINS, Alan Desmond, J.P.; (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        HIGGINS, Charles Frederick Kevin; Hugh William Desmond;


                                                                        (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        HIGGINS, Robert


                        HIGGINS, Thomas Walker;Thomas William;(CURRENCY CK.)


                        HIGHETT, Henry


                        HIGHLAND, George; Miriam Louisa;


                        HILL, Isabel Jean; P.T.; William Parr;


                        HILL, Phillip Trelore


                        HILLMAN, Eli


                        HILTON, Louise Miriam; Richard; Richard Edward;Thomas;


                        HINDE, William; Mary Frances;


                        HINDMARSH, John


                        HINDMARSH, Sir John; John Jr.;


                        HINDS, Charles Ridley; Richard; Susanna;


                        HIRST, David


                        HITT, Thomas


                        HOBBS, Arthur James; Liz


                        HOCKEY, Bob


                        HODGE, Chas.; C.; Charles Reynolds; Rev. C.;


                        HODGES, Y.W.


                        HODGKISS, John


                        HODGSON, Mabel Maude; Ada Annie; H.; Lawrence; Roy;                                                                    William;


                        HOFFMAN, Don; Marguerite:


                        HOGBEN, M.


                        HOGG, Geoff


                        HOHNE, Thomas


                        HOLDER, Ben


                        HOLDSWORTH, Lance


                        HOLLAND, Thomas C.; George Harold;


                        HOLLITT, Frank


                        HOLME, Maurice Lachlan


                        HOLME, Norman James; Reginald George; Sarah Margaret;


                                                                        Thomas (sometimes also HOLMES);


                                                                        Elisha Margaretta (sometimes also HOLMES);


                                                                        William Christopher; William Mitchell;


                                                                        Leon Francis George; Duncan; Ellen Elinia; G.R.;

                                                                        Jas. M.; Lachlan; Laslin;


                                                                        James Machell (also MITCHELL);


                        HOLME, Reynold (very likely mis-reading of REGINALD) George


                        HOMER, William


                        HONEYMAN, William


                                                HOOBIN, Lawrence


                        HOOKER (James) and CURSON (George); HOOKER, James;


                        HOOPER, Jane


                        HOPKINS, Charles Friend


                        HORBELT, Herman


                        HORGAN, (Monsignor) Thos.


                        HORNSBY, Leonard Joseph; Maria;


                        HORTON, Elfie; Edna;


                        HOSKINS, Aubrey Ross


                        HOTHAM, Rev. John


                        HOWARD, Rev. Charles B.; Emma Jane; John; John Joseph;


                                                                        Leslie David; William Jack;


                        HOWARTH, Leonard Adrian


                        HOWELL, Rev. Canon Edward Tucker; Terry;


                        HOWIE, Mr.


                        HUDSON, James


                        HUGHES, Dean Edwin


                        HUGHLINGS, Harry


                        HUIZINGA, Carin R.A.


                        HULL, C.A.; Theodore;


                        HUMBY, Peter


                        HUMPHREYS, Barry James Graham;


                        HUMPHRIS, Colin B.


                                                HUNTER, Robert; P.L.; William;


                        HURFORD, Clement Allan; Ida Elizabeth; John Francis; W.;


                                                                        William Clifford;


                        HUSSEY, Jessie Louisa


                        HUSSEY, Ralph Allen; Henry; Agnes; Catherine;


                                                                        Charles H., (J.P., M.P.);


                        HUTCHINSON, Alexander; Harold Henry; Joan; Lorna;


                                                                        Lyndon John;


                        HUTCHINSON, Augusta Bingham; Emily Alice; Jane Collingwood;


                                                                        Reginald John; Young Bingham;


                        HUTCHINSON, Augusta Emma  (2 files)


                        HUTCHINSON, Nora Heley Bingham; Parker Oliver;


                        HUTCHINSON, Orlando Bingham


                        HUTTON, Don


                        HYDE, Peter; Thelma;



                        IBBOTSON, Charles


                        IELASI, Mario; Thelma;


                        INGLIS, Christine


                        INGRAM, Rev. William


                        INNES, Dean


                        IRELAND, Mrs. Molly


                        IRONS, William; Turner (the Elder): Turner (the Younger);


                        IRONSIDES, (Dr.) J.G., Alice;


                        IRVINE, Natalie


                        ISAACS, Samuel Hyam





                        JACKA, Harry Matthew


                        JACKLING, William


                        JACKMAN, Charles Stuart


                        JACKMAN, Florence


                        JACKSON, Cecil Farrington; Henry;


                        JACOBS, Dorothy


                        JACOBS, Melphord


                        JAGGER, Matthew


                        JAMES, William


                        JAMIESON, Alexander


                        JANZ, A.


                        JARRETT, Gladys Helena


                        JARVIS, Alberta


                        JAY, Gerald; J.J.;


                        JEFFCOTT, Judge Sir John William


                        JELLETT, Thomas


                        JEMISON, Mary Jane Walton


                        JENNINGS, Henry; Ann; Nancy; Eliza (Elizabeth); Rosalie; Ron;




                        JENNISON, James Christopher;


                        JERDAN, Gilbert


                        JEWELL, Richard


                        JICKLING, Henry


                        JOBSON, Burnett Saltman


                        JOHANNSEN, Lennett William


                        JOHNS, Samuel


                        JOHNSON, Anne


                        JOHNSTON, Capt. George Bain


                        JOHNSTON, Violet M.


                        JOHNSTON, William Arras; David; P.;


                        JOLLY, William Joseph Douglas; Mrs.;


                        JONES, Alan


                        JONES, Alfred; Rev. A. C.; Barry; David; Ellen; Edith Lois;


                                                                        Edward Georgetown; Edward; James W.; J.; John;


                        JONES, David Thomas (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        JONES, Perry


                        JONES, Stewart


                        JONES, Thomas; Joseph; Joshua;


                        JOY, Thomas


                        JUDD, Mrs. Jessie


                        JULIAN, John


                        JURY, Edward



                        KAIRL, Max


                        KASTBERG, Harold; Mr. And Mrs.;


                        KAY, Sarah


                        KAY, William


                        KEACH, Scott (CURRENCY CREEK); Diana;


                        KEANY, Kevin Brian


                        KEARNS, Emily M.; Charles Michael; Thomas;


                        KEATES, R.L.


                        KEATING, Johanna


                        KELLEY, John Richard; Ralph Douglas;


                                                                        KELLY, Dr. Christopher; Robin;


                        KEMP, Horace Peter; Mary Jane; Peter ; John; T.; William;                                                                    (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        KEMPE, J., J.P.


                        KENNEDY, James; Matthew; Jas.;


                        KENT, Cyril Bruce


                        KENTICH, N.L.


                        KERBY, Pippa


                        KERNICH, Isobel


                        KERR, Peter


                        KESSELL, Marjory Hilda


                        KEY, Arthur Hesiod Orpheus; Beatrice Matilda;


                                                                        William Iliad Aeneas; Henry Garrett; Mary;


                        KEYES, Roger


                        KIBBLE, Thomas


                        KIGHTLEY, Christopher Frederick


                        KILPATRICK, Jim


                        KILGOUR, Charles


                        KING, Capt. Hugh


                        KING, Stephen Jr.; Capt. James; Frederick John; Dorothy Bristow;


                        KINGDON, A.R. and D.V.; Audley;


                        KINGSBURY, William


                        KINGSLAND, Jean F. (MIDDLETON); Daniel (CURRENCY                                                                   CREEK);


                        KINGSTON, Charles; Sir George S.;


                        KINLOCH, Arthur


                        KINNEAR, Bryce


                        KIRBY, George John


                        KLEINIG, Len; Robin;


                        KLUGE, Hilda


                        KNEIPP, George


                        KNOTTS, Jamie; Nicci;


                        KNOX, Nathaniel Alexander; Rex; KNOX & DOWNS;


                        KOCH, Pastor C.I.


                        KOHLER, Carol


                        KÖNCKE, Johann Diedrich


                        KRANZ, Harold; Lee;


                        KRAUSE, Capt.


                        KREMASTIOTIS, George


                        KUCHEL, Andrew


                        KUHN, Talia


                        KUSS, Michael



                        LABATT, Samuel Bell


                        LACKINGTON, William Arthur; Margaret Ann;


                        LAFFIN, Joshua


                        LAING, Ernest Aleck


                        LAING, Leighton


                        LAMBERT, Francis; George; George Thomas;


                        LAMING, Henry


                        LAMPREY, Stella Barbara


                        LAMSHED, John; Sam;


                        LANDER, Richard Livett; LANG, E.E., J.P. 


                        LANDSEER, A.H., M.P. (MILANG); L.H.;


                        LANE, Virtue; Ron;


                        LANG, E.E.,J.P.


                        LANGDON, A.F., J.P.; Yvonne;


                        LANGHAM, Marion Edna; Wilfred;


                        LANGMAID, W. and C.;


                        LANGHANS, Miss


                        LANGHORNE, Alfred


                        LANGREHR, William


                        LANYON, Frederick (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        LANYON, John Charles


                        LAUCKE, Hands Ludwig


                        LAURENCE, W.


                        LAURIE, Buxton Forbes, J.P., S.M.; Mary;


                        LAW, James


                        LAWRENCE, William Alick; William John; Barry Lindsay;


                                                                        Emily Harriet; Harriet Emily; Gordon Lindsay;


                                                                        Lindsay Gordon; J.; Luke Alexander; Sarah Boylie;




                        LAWRENCE, Valdai Mary Ruth


                        LAWSON, Unice


                        LEADER, Charles Sydney; Percy Francis; Ruby Mortlock;                                                                     Sydney Haynes; Annie Elizabeth


                        LEE, Miss


                        LEEDHAM, Hemrietta


                        LEEWORTHY, J.; Frances H.; Matilda;


                        LEIGH, Tracey


                        LEISHMAN, Adam; Tom Cunningham;


                        LEMMON, Charles (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        LEONARD, H.


                        LESTER, H.


                        LETCHFORD, William Martin


                        LEVI, Phillip; Sarah Ann; Nathaniel Phillip; Elizabeth Sarah;                                                                   Edmund; (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        LEWIN, Mary


                        LEWIS, Rev. Allen M.; J.H.; Rupert Wilfred;


                        LIASCOS, Mary


                        LIDDELL, Agnes; Robert Ronald; Ronald Leslie; William;


                        LIDDIARD, Maria; William; John W.; Jane;


                        LIEBELT, Dawn


                        LIGERTWOOD, George Coutts


                        LIGHT, Col. William


                        LILEY, William Thomas; Daniel;


                        LILLEY, Mary Ellen


                        LILLIARD, William; John William;


                        LILLWALL, Richard


                        LIMBERT, Edgar Henry (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        LINDNER, Mrs. Norma


                        LINDO, Arthur; Cecil Gabriel; Gabriel;


                        LINDO, Joseph Norsa;


                        LINDO, Nethaneel; Sarah Selina;


                        LINDSAY, Arthur; Catherine; E.; Mrs. J.; Ruth Annette;


                        LINDSAY, Arthur Fydell


                        LINDSAY, Catherine


                        LINDSAY, Charlotte Henrietta


                        LINDSAY, David


                        LINDSAY, Capt. John (Capt. John Scott)


                        LINDSAY, Richard Fydell


                        LINES, Alwin Darcy; Olive May; Patricia Mary; Keith 'Lino';


                        LIPSON, Capt. Thomas


                        LIPTROTT,George Louis


                        LITTLE, Edward; Kevin;


                        LLOYD, Arthur Benjamin; Howard Watson;


                        LOCH GILPIN  PTY. LTD.


                        LOCK, John Miller


                        LOCKETT, Dene; Graham Roy;


                        LOMAS, Alfred; Alexander Spence;


                        LONG, George


                        LONGMAN, Guy St. Clair Turton; Sybil;


                        LONGMIRE, Robert Maule


                        LONGWORTH, W.E.


                        LOVEDAY, Herbert Barron; Kay Shirley; Morris Lloyd; Richard;


                        LOVELL, Rev. R.A.; Albert Stanley Moore; John; Samuel Henry;


                                                                        William Robert; Orto:


                        LOWE, Ann; Charles; Jim;


                        LOWER, Frank Percival


                        LOYE, Albert Henry


                        LUCAS, Robert; Don;


                        LUCKING, James;


                        LUGG, Peter


                        LUKACS, Miklos


                        LUKEMAN, Stephen Henry (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        LUKEY, Alan


                        LUNDSTROM, Albert Leslie; David William; Ella; Greg; Jack;


                                                                        Murray John "Mo"; Robert John;


                        LUNGLEY, George; Mary Jane;


                        LUSH, George


                        LUSH, Joseph; Florence;


                        LUSH, Joseph William; Harry;


                        LUXON, William


                        LYNES, Lily May


                        LYONS, Charles; George;






                        McANANEY, Terry


                        McBEATH, Donald


                        McBEATH, George Murray


                        McBETH, Catherine


                        McCALL, James


                        McCARRON, Patrick


                        McCARTHY, Charles; J.;


                        McCAUL, Rebekah


                        McCONNACHY, Peter; Emily;


                        McCORD, J.


                        McCULLOCH, William


                        McCULLUM, Thomas;


                        MACDERMOTT, Marshall


                        MACDONALD, John; James;


                        McDONALD, William Davidson; Roy;


                        MACDONNELL, Sir Richard


                        McDOWELL, Thomas


                        McELLISTER, Thomas Edward


                        McEWIN, George


                        McFARLANE, Deane Wayne; Ivy Clarabell; J.; Ronald George;


                        McGRATH, Mrs. Doris


                        McGUINESS, Laurie


                        McHARG, Sarah; Agnes; Rosanna;


                        McHUGH, A.E.; Kym; Heather;


                        McHUGHES, Irene Maude


                        McINDOE, Walter


                        MACK, Andrew; Thomas;


                        MACKENZIE, James Dawson; Colin;


                        MACKERETH, Dorothy


                        MACKIE, David Manson


                        McKENZIE, George


                        McKINNON, Alexander Allan


                        McKINNON, Elizabeth; Margaret Ann;


                        McKINNON, James Sutherland


                        McKINNON, John


                        McKINNON, Murdoch


                        MACKINTOSH, James Sutherland


                        MACKLIN, Ellen Dulcie


                        McLACHLAN, Donald A.


                        McLAREN, Alexander


                        McLEAN, Allan


                        McLEAN, Donald; Alf;


                        McLEAN, James Kenneth; James Alexander;


                        McLEAY, Dr. Leslie Margaret; Donald James;


                        McLENNAN, Margaret Elizabeth Alma;


                        McLEOD, Donald William; James Kenneth; J.;


                        McLEOD, Fraser; Hazel;


                        McMILLAN, George John


                        McMILLAN, William (Bill); Clarice;


                        McMURTRIE, Hector; Margaret;


                        McNAMARA, Dennis Andrew; Patrick John;


                        McNAMARA, Mary


                                                                        See also - GOOLWA - AUSTRALASIAN HOTEL


                        McNAMARA, Thomas


                                                                        See also - GOOLWA - AUSTRALASIAN HOTEL


                        McNAMEE, William


                        McNEIL, George Armstrong; Kathleen Daisy;


                        MACPHERSON, John




                        MAHON, Robert


                        MAIDMENT, A.H.


                        MAIDMENT, Craig


                        MAIDMENT, George Cecil; Gertrude M.C.; Maxine; Sarah;


                                                                        Pearl (Wilson)


                        MAIN, George


                        MAIR, William


                        MAITLAND, Len


                        MANFIELD, Andrew; Joseph; John Maxwell;


                        MANN, Betty; Elizabeth; Joyce;


                        MANN, Charles; David;


                        MANN, George


                        MANNING, Fairmont Burnell; G.H.; William Francis;


                        MANUEL, Florence Louise


                        MARASPEN, Margaret


                        MARCELLO, Gladys Olive


                        MARCHANT, Richard Charles


                        MARINOS, Nic


                        MARKEY, Dr. Greg


                        MARR, Minna


                        MARRYAT, Charles; Rev. Charles;


                        MARSDEN, Susan


                        MARSH, Ron; Betty; Jim;


                        MARSHALL, Alfred Simmonds; Elizabeth; Louisa; Lucy;


                                                                        Thornton; Samuel;


                        MARSTON, William; Stewart;;


                        MARTIN, Malachi


                        MARTIN, Maud Mary; Charles Frederick; Grace Harriet; David;


                        MARTIN, Theo


                        MASON, George Ezekiel; Keith


                        MATHER, Jack


                        MATTHEWS, James (John); J.M.;


                        MATURIN, William Henry


                        MAUL, Trevor Charles (CURRENCY CREEK); Tammy Michelle


                        MAUGHAN, Rev. James


                        MAXWELL, Donald Francis; Maxine June; Ken;


                        MAY, Mary


                        MAYFIELD, George; Herbert William; Thomas; John;


                                                                        Thomas the Elder;


                        MAYNARD, Harold Frederick Leslie


                        MAYNE, Aisla Jean; Edith Ferguson;


                        MEADE, Ron; Mrs. Ron;


                        MEADOWCROFT, John


                        MEADOWCROFT, John Frederick


                        MEIKLE, Peter


                        MEIN, Nichol Alexander


                        MELLOR, Alexa Barbara; Geoffrey Lloyd; Thomas Fox; James T.;


                        MENNIE, Henry Horn


                        MERRETT, Malcolm Thomas; Graham William; Dennis Malcolm;


                        METCALF, William; Irene; John William; Thomas;


                        MEYER, Augusta Ellen


                        MEYRICK, Daniel C.


                        MEYRICK, Mr.


                        MICHELMORE, Gordon; Jean; Robert; Peter; Joan;


                        MIDDLETON, Graham


                        MILDRED, Hiram


                        MILLARD, Hubert Victor


                        MILLER, Jimmy


                        MILLER, Lorry


                        MILLS, George; V.F.;


                        MILNE, David


                        MILNE, William; William theYounger;


                        MILTON, Jill


                        MILWARD, Michael John; Frederick J.;


                        MINNS, Arnold Bruce; Betty Margaret: Bevan Mountford; J.S.;


                                                                        Mrs. Olive Thelma;


                        MINTRAM, Terry; Marion;


                        MITCH, Andrew


                                                                        See also - GOOLWA - AUSTRALASIAN HOTEL


                        MITCHELL, Eliza Ann; Ernest Ethelbert; Frances; Garnet Ethelbert:


                                                                        Graham; Robert William; William Samuel; Robert P.;


                        MOCATTA, Elias


                        MODRA, John


                        MOLINEUX, Albert Edward


                                                MONIQUE, Joseph Charles; Ruth;


                        MOFFETT, Alice


                        MONKS, John


                        MONTEFIORE, Emanuel


                        MONTEFIORE, Helen Sarah


                        MONTEFIORE, Horatio Joseph


                        MONTEFIORE, Jacob


                        MONTEFIORE, Joseph Barrow


                        MONTEFIORE, Leslie Jacob


                        MONTEFIORE, Moses; Benjamin;


                        MOODY, Alexander Watson; Mary Adelaide; Margaret Hopkins;


                        MOONEY, Freda Jean; Sarah;


                        MOORE, Bill


                        MOORE, Elizabeth; Francis; Henry Percival; W.G.;


                        MOORE, Florence Kathleen


                        MOORE, Mark


                                                                        See also - GOOLWA - MATTHEW MOORE’S



                                                                                                                MOORE’S COTTAGE


                        MOORE, Matthew


                                                                        See also - GOOLWA - MATTHEW MOORE’S




                        MOORE, Matthew the Younger


                        MOORE, Thomas


                        MORAN, Alby


                        MORGAN, Noah; William; M.C.;


                        MORIARTY, Thaddeus


                        MORPHETT, George; John;


                        MORRISON, Peter


                        MORTON, Anne; Julia;


                        MOSS, Robert Frederick; Bunty; Chris;


                        MOTHERALL, William Henry


                        MOULD, Oliver


                        MOULDEN, Joseph Eldin;


                        MUDGE, Frank A.; Mrs. Gladys; Jane T.;


                        MUIRHEAD, John; Charles;


                        MULLER, Rod


                        MUNDY, A.M.


                        MUNTON, Francis Kerridge


                        MURFET, Margaret Joy


                        MURPHY, Charles; Mary;


                        MURRAY, David; Peter J.;


                        MURRAY, I.K.


                        MURRAY, Joseph Robert


                        MUSGRAVE, Sir Anthony


                        MUSSON, Daniel Richard


                        MYRICK, Daniel Charles




                        NASH, William Cornelius


                        NATION, Martha; Philip Alexander; William;


                        NAYLOR, Mary Ann


                        NEALL, Grace; Kenneth Albert;


                        NEAYLON, Freda May; John Douglas;


                        NEEDHAM, Samuel Pascall Brasch


                        NEIGHBOUR, Arthur


                        NEIGHBOUR, Edward William


                        NEIGHBOUR, Emma E.; Fay Irene; Leslie Reynold;


                        NEIGHBOUR, Ivy Annie Ellen


                        NEILL, Andrew Sinclair


                        NELSON, George Andrew


                        NESBIT, Edward Pariss (Paris); Vincent Edward;


                        NESS, Charles; Emma Irene;


                        NESTOR, Jim; Enid;


                        NETTING, Graham Kingsley


                        NETTLE, Robert


                        NEVILLE, Daphne


                        NEWCOMBE, Jack; Brendan;


                        NEWELL, Alan Cyril


                        NEWELL, Debbie; E.E.; Ivy Melinda; Mrs. Laura; Richard Steed;


                                                                        Rodney Straun; Thelma Alice; Barry; Percy;


                                                                        Raymond Arthur; Ruth Jean; Suzannah; Wendy;


                        NEWELL, Maurice Joseph; Olivia;


                        NEWELL, Richard Smith


                        NEWELL, Richard (Dick) Sumpter


                        NEWELL, Walter Frederick


                        NEWLAND, Simpson; Watts; William; Sir Henry; Nicholas;


                        NEWLAND, Ridgeway William


                        NEWMAN, Rev. Charles Thomas


                        NEWTON, Mary Edith


                        NGARRINDJERI - see GENERAL


                        NICHOLSON, John


                        NICOLLE, Mary; Brice;


                        NITSCHKE, Kevin


                        NOBLE, John


                        NOLAN, Michael W.; W.;


                        NORMAN, William


                        NORRIS, Christopher


                        NORRIS, Olive Amelia


                        NORTON, Charles William; Elsie Kate; Emma Irene;


                        NORTON, John; Snow;


                        NOSWORTHY, George Dean; J.; Walter;


                        NUNES, Benjamin Phineas


                        NUTCHEY, James; Alexr;



                        O'BRIEN, Barbary


                        O’CONNELL, Dr. James; O’DONNELL, Cornelius; O’Dea, John;


                        OFFLER, Ivan; OLDFIELD, Josiah; OPHEL, William;


                        OLDHAM, Nathaniel


                        OLDFIELD, Josiah


                        O’LEARY, Mary; Morgan;


                        OLIVER, Andrew; John;


                        OLSEN, Pansy Isobel


                        O’MALLEY, King


                        OPIE, Edward Andrew Devonshire


                        ORR, Albert George; Emily; Mrs. Frances E.; John Bradbury;


                                                                        John Miller;


                        OSBORNE, Peter; Heather;


                        OSBORNE, William


                        OSBOURNE, Clara Eliza; Ettie Beatrice Alexandrina; Mansfield


                                                                        Charles; Sarah; Amy Louise; N.H.;


                        OSSWALD, Carl


                        OSTIGH, Craig


                        OSTIGH, Dean


                        OTTLEY, Rev. John Bridges


                        OWEN, Richard


                        OWENS, Gavin (Gavan?) John; Beatrice Bona;



                        PACKER, James Barnett; Capt.;


                        PADMAN, Samuel Waterhouse; Vernon R.;


                        PAECH, Norm; PAIN. Miss; Mr. T.;


                        PAGE, Frank; Thompson Scott; John;


                        PAIN, T.; Miss;




                        PAIVIS, Helena


                        PALINS, Janis (John)


                                                PALMER, John Vernon                               


                        PALTRIDGE, John M.;


                        PARKER, Frederick; G.B.; William Jackson;


                        PARKER, Henry


                        PARKINSON, William James; Henry; Frederick; George;


                        PARR, James Hamilton


                        PARRY, David


                        PARSLOW, Alby; Adele;


                        PARSONS, Charles; Emma; George; Joseph; Ronald H.;


                                                                        Rose Elizabeth; William Albert;


                        PARTRIDGE, Jamie


                        PARTRIDGE, Katherine Emily


                        PASCOE, Benjamin


                                                PATCHELL, Rev. George W.


                        PATERSON, Elvin George (Jo)


                        PATRICK, Raymond Walter


                        PAWLSON, George


                        PAXTON, John


                        PAYNE, Ada Ann; Athol; George Boxall;


                        PAYTON, George


                        PEACOCK, William


                        PEAKE, L.;  A.J.(Jack);


                        PEARCE, Robert; Sarah;


                        PEDLER, Capt. Bain L.; Carol


                        PELLEW, John (MIDDLETON)


                        PENFOLD, George Henry


                        PENLEY, Les; Peter J.; Enid;


                        PENN, Peter Robert


                        PENNO, Arthur Guildford


                        PENNY, Rosemary


                        PERRY, Francis Frederick; George; Roland Alexander; Walter


                                                                        Richard; Norman;


                        PETER, Mrs. Connie; Leslie H.


                        PETERS, Kelvin


                        PETERS, Tony


                        PHILLIPS, James


                        PHILLIPS, James; John; Laurence; Maud McClure; William P.;


                        PHILLIPS, Trevor


                        PHILLIPSON, John; Montague Levi;


                        PHILLIS, Hazel; William;


                        PHILPOT, Samuel


                        PICKHILLS, George Rickinson Swan


                        PIKE, Brian


                        PIKE, Edgar, Merle;


                        PIKE, Henry; Henry & Co.;


                        PILCHER, Augusta Elizabeth; Phoebe; William Humphrey;


                        PILMORE, Angus


                        PIPER, Francis Ernest; Harold Bayard;


                        PITKIN, Edward Thompson; E.T. & M.J.;


                        PITKIN, Ted; Lyn; Max;                                


                        PITT, Charles; Edwin Parry; Herbert Roy; R & A.M.; J.S.T.;


                        PLATTS, Charles George Eastland


                        PLAYFORD, Sir Thomas;


                        PLUMMER, Andrew; Dorothy Maud; Emma Jane; Grace; Harriet;


                                                                        Kate; Laura Eliza; Mary Ann; Pamela Jean;


                                                                        Rosamund M. (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        PLUMMER, Archie Reynold (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        PLUMMER, Benjamin I; Benjamin II (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        PLUMMER, Doreen Janet (CURRENCY CREEK) (2 files)


                        PLUMMER, Eliza (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        PLUMMER, Pamela Jean (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        PLUMMER, Percy Howard (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        PLUMMER, Peter Percival (CURRENCY CREEK) (4 files)


                        PLUMMER, Robert (CURRENCY CREEK)


                        POMEROY, Mary Therese; Valentine Henry;


                        POMERY, Lorraine; Ted; Allan;


                        POMFREY, Walter; Lavinia;


                        POOLE, James


                        POTTS, Frank; Peter;


                        POWELL, Jack Melville; Thomas E.; Tracey;


                        PRANKERD, Peter Dowding


                        PRESGRAVE, Anthony D.; Nellie Kathleen; Rex Wilton; I.E.;


                        PRETTY, Sarah (Morag) Logan (nee MONTGOMERY);


                                                                        Walter Arthur; David Arthur; John James;


                                                                        Heather Anne; Emily; Thomas;


                        PRICE, Charles; Charles Jr. (HINDMARSH ISLAND)


                        PRICE, Henry Archibald; Thomas;


                        PRICE, Henry Strong


                        PRIME, Bruce


                        PRITCHARD, George Aillen


                        PROBERT, Albert Edward; Catherine;


                        PROCTOR, Alfred George; Frederick; John;


                        PRODGER, Jo


                        PRYOR, Barry; M.C.;


                        PRZIBILLA, Mark;


                        PULLEN, (Admiral) W.J.S.


                        PURNELL, Hubert Rutherford


                        PYBUS, George; Mary; Robert James; Richard; W.P.;


                        PYNE, John; Thomas;


                        PYNOR, Phil




                        QUIGLEY, Ian



                        RADFORD, Herbert Paul


                        RAKE, Emma Thomas


                        RAMSAY, James Garden


                        RANDALL, Lorna May (VICTOR HARBOR)


                        RANDELL, Capt. William Richard


                        RANKINE, Annie


                        RANKINE, Edward Beevor


                        RANKINE, James (HINDMARSH ISLAND)


                        RANKINE, Dr. John (HINDMARSH ISLAND)


                        RANKINE, M.


                        RANKINE, Peter Ian; Susan Elizabeth;


                        RANKINE, William (HINDMARSH ISLAND)


                        RANYARD, Ellen


                        RAPHAEL, Mabel Maud


                        RAVEN, James; Mary; P.H.;


                        RAWSON, Christopher


                        RAWSON, John


                        RAY, William


                        RAYBOULD, John; Jean;


                        RAYFIELD, Nellie Adeline


                        RAYNER, Isabel


                        READ, George Septimus


                        REDIN, Jim


                        REDMAN, Robert


                        REED, David


                        REED, Elizabeth Margaret Lilla; Gwen; Dorothy; Helena;


                                                John Dakin; Capt. ‘Bob’; Richardson; Thomas Sadler;


                                                William David;


                        REED, Gwen; Dorothy; Thomas;


                        REEVES, Raymond William


                        REHN, Percy Graham


                        REID, Donald; John; John Wishart; Rev. Richardson; William S.;




                        REID, William Livingstone


                        RENDALL, Wm. Jas. Gibson


                        RENK, Alison


                        RENTOULIS, Peter, Sofia;


                        RESEIGH, Brad


                        RESTED, P.


                        REYNELL, Walter


                        REYNOLDS, Aaron


                        REYNOLDS, Dennis Harold; Henry; Paul; Richard; Thomas;


                        RICE, John


                        RICHARDS, G.F.; Jean; Percy William;


                        RICHARDS, Mahershalhashbaz; Sophie Martha;


                        RICHARDSON, John; Henry Colls; Wendy Christine; Faith;


                                                Max & Laurel; Raymond; Mike;


                        RICHER, Carol June; David;


                        RICHMOND, Stan; Elizabeth; Ada; Ed. Lancelot;


                        RICK, Percy William


                        RICKABY, Thomas; Margaret; Ralph;


                        RIDDELL, Ken


                        RIDLIFF, John


                        RIESSEN, C.


                        RIGNEY, Herbert Valentine


                        RILEY, Mary Ann


                        RISTEDT, Phillip


                        RITCHER, F.


                        RITCHIE, Alison; Isabella;


                        RITCHIE, Capt. David Johnstone


                        RITCHIE, James


                        RITCHIE, John


                        RITCHIE, John David


                        RITCHIE, Margaret Anne


                        RIVERS, Mavis Daisy


                        ROACH, John


                        ROBB, Edward Elvy


                        ROBE, Lt. Gov. Fredeick Holt


                        ROBERTS, Charles Gay


                        ROBERTS, Frederick Albert


                        ROBERTS, Giles; Joel; Norcott Desterre; Percival; Susannah;


                                                Victor; Rev. Vivian;


                        ROBERTS, Henry


                        ROBERTS, John


                        ROBERTS, Terence Vernon


                        ROBERTSON, Brian


                        ROBERTSON, Capt. Edmund


                        ROBERTSON, Frances Harriet


                        ROBINSON, Debbie; Nyree;


                        ROBINSON, Doris; Dulcie; Ezra; George; Lalla Johanna;


                        ROBINSON, Peter Stirling; Thomas James Douglas;


                                                William Hutchinson;


                        ROBSON, Bruce


                        ROBSON, Robert Moss


                        ROFE, Jack Jessop; Jean;


                        ROGERS, Charles William; Colin;


                        ROGERS, Mrs. R.


                        ROGERS, Selwyn


                        ROGERS, Sarah Rachael


                        ROGERS, Wm.


                        ROGERS, Wm. Henry


                        ROLLINS, Mrs. E.M.


                        ROMAINE, Dorothy


                        ROPER, (Rev.) Graham


                        ROSCROW, Noel


                        ROSS, Robert


                        ROSS, Steve


                        ROSS, Wm.


                        ROSSER, Greg


                        ROSSER, Lillian; Florence;


                        ROSSITER, Sally


                        ROUNDAWAY, Lady Blanche


                        ROUNSEVELL, John Wm.


                        ROUSE, Happy; Emily; Hannah; Pretty;


                        ROUTLEY, Peter H.


                        ROWE, Peggy Ethel - see also GRAHAM, Peggy E.


                        ROWE, Neville


                        ROWEN, Leo Terence


                        ROWETT, Ros


                        RUBENSTEIN, Gillian


                        RUSSELL, Robert (Bob)



                        SACH, Septimus  


                        ST. CLAIR, Peter


                        SALTMARSH, Andrew


                        SAMSON, Louis


                        SANDERS, Albert Henry; Doreen;


                        SANDERS, Hilda Violet


                        SANDERS, John


                        SANDERSON, Fannie Augusta


                        SANDERSON, Francis


                        SANDERSON, Frederick James


                        SANDERSON, George


                        SANDERSON, Kenneth F.V.


                        SANDERSON, Noel W.


                        SANDERSON, Septimus S.


                        SANDFORD, William Mathews


                        SANDLAND, Clem


                        SANGSTER, Geo.


                        SAUERBIER, George


                        SAUERBIER, Jean M.


                        SAUNDERS, Thomas


                        SAUNIER, Agnes; Theophile;


                        SAYER, Nancy


                        SCARFE, Henry C.


                        SCHILLING, Reg. K.


                        SCHMAAL, E. Jean


                        SCHMERL, Ronald e.


                        SCHMIDT, Janice


                        SCHMIDT, Margaret


                        SCHOLTE, Paul


                        SCHOLTE, Walter


                        SCHRAMM, John F.


                        SCHROEDER, E.A.


                        SCHUETTENBERG, Victor; Kathleen;


                        SCHULITZ, Julia


                        SCHUTER, John


                        SCHUYLER, Robert S.


                        SCHWERDT, George F.


                        SCOTLAND, Bruce


                        SCOTT, Abraham


                        SCOTT, Alexander Andrew


                        SCOTT, Tony (A.C.D.)


                        SCOTT, B.G.


                        SCOTT, Cedric D.


                        SCOTT, Edward Bate


                        SCOTT, E.D.


                        SCOTT, Eric Dundas


                        SCOTT, Frahncis Robert William


                        SCOTT, Francis Seymour Hamilton


                        SCOTT, Helen


                        SCOTT, Isabella


                        SCOTT, John Baxter


                        SCOTT, John Hamilton (known as James)


                        SCOTT, K.


                        SCOTT, Mabel Maud


                        SCOTT, Michael; Paquita;


                        SCOTT, Nancy


                        SCOTT, Robert Purdom


                        SCOTT, Roy D.


                        SCOTT, Rudolph Hamilton Wm.


                        SCOTT, William David


                        SEARLE, Laurie; George; Tuson;


                        SECOMBE, Vivian Ronald


                        SEIDEL, Brenda


                        SEIDEL, Janet


                        SEIP, Meg; Warren;


                        SELLS, William Briggs


                        SEMASCHKO, Hector Waldemar


                        SEMMLER, Rob; Val;


                        SERCOMBE, Rick; Julie;


                        SEXTON, Florence Edith


                        SEYMOUR, Pat; Charles;


                        SHAND, C.


                        SHAND, Henry Miller


                        SHANNON, Mary Irene


                        SHARP, John Edward


                        SHARPE, Ernest Neil


                        SHAW, Don; Sue; Kate;


                        SHAW, Howard


                        SHEPHERD, Alick Henry


                        SHEPHERD, Archie John Stair


                        SHEPHERD, C.R.


                        SHEPHERD, Elsie Powell


                        SHEPHERD, Grace Annie


                        SHEPHERD, Mary Anne


                        SHEPHERD, William Henry


                        SHERIDAN, Geoffrey William


                        SHERRIFF, George Washington


                        SHERWOOD, Chas. James William Clairmont


                        SHERWOOD, William; Sarah;


                        SHETLIFF, Samuel; Ellen; Samuel Jnr.;


                        SHIELDS, Sarah Kerr


                        SHIERLAW, George Cooks


                        SHIPSTER, Henry Fred


                        SHIPWAY, Dr.


                        SHIPWAY, E.


                        SHIPWAY, Helena Beatrice


                        SHIPWAY, Henry Cornelius


                        SHIPWAY, John


                        SHIPWAY, Joseph


                        SHIPWAY, L.


                        SHIPWAY, Margaret


                        SHIPWAY, Percy Balfour


                        SHIPWAY, Una


                        SHIPWAY, Wm. Henry


                        SHIRLEY, J.B.


                        SHORT, The Right Rev. Augustus


                        SIBLY, Joseph Albert; Peter & Anthea; Ernest; Elizabeth;


                        SIEBERT, Lawrie


                        SIMPSON, Brian


                        SIMPSON, James Young


                        SINCLAIR, Helen


                        SISSON, George


                        SIVYER, Rex


                        SKEWES, Anthony (Tony)


                        SKEWES, Barbara Jessie


                        SKEWES, Brian Lock


                        SKEWES, David.


                        SKEWES, Edgar


                        SKEWES, Erlston Minetta


                        SKEWES, Jan


                        SKEWES, Ronald Edgar


                        SKEWES, Samuel Edgar


                        SLATER, Fred


                        SLATTER, Laurie


                        SLEADER, Arnold Edward; Amy L.


                        SLEE, Max A.


                        SMALL, A.S.


                        SMALL, John


                        SMALL, Samuel


                        SMART, Evelyn; Ian; Philip;


                        SMART, Samuel


                        SMEATON, Thomas Drury


                        SMEE, J.A.


                        SMERD, Michael


                        SMITH, Capt. Alan


                        SMITH, Andrew


                        SMITH, Ashley


                        SMITH, Barry


                        SMITH, Charles


                        SMITH, Charles Andrew; Ellen;


                        SMITH, Charles Robt.


                        SMITH, Cuthbert V.


                        SMITH, David H.


                        SMITH, Edward


                        SMITH, Eric Ross


                        SMITH, Francis G.


                        SMITH, G.A.


                        SMITH, George B.


                        SMITH, Gilbert


                        SMITH, G.V.


                        SMITH, Hedley R.E.; Veronica;


                        SMITH, Jack


                        SMITH, James


                        SMITH, Jan Talbot


                        SMITH, John James Fletcher


                        SMITH, Mary F.


                        SMITH, Molly


                        SMITH, Murray


                        SMITH, Olive B.


                        SMITH, Richard N.


                        SMITH, Roger


                        SMITH, Stella K.


                        SMITH, Syd




                        SMITHERS, Frances K.


                        SMYTH, Capt.


                        SMYTH, William


                        SMYTHE, J.


                        SOLOMAN, Emanuel


                        SOLOMAN, Peter


                        SOLOMAN, Samuel M.


                        SOULTER, John


                        SOUTH, James


                        SOUTH, Thomas


                        SOWTON, Frank


                        SPARKES, Edward James


                        SPARKS, Henry


                        SPARKS, Isaac


                        SPENCE, Alfred


                        SPENCER, Allan


                        SPENCER, Jack Melville


                        SPENCER, John James


                        SPENCER, John James (theYounger)


                        SPENCER, Olive May


                        SPENCER, Richard James


                        SPICER, Edward


                        SPROD, John Henry


                        SPRY, Thomas


                        SQUIRES, Glyn


                        SQUIRES, Lilian S.


                        SQUIRES, Robyn


                        SQUIRES, Thomas


                        SQUIRES, William


                        STACEY, Colin


                        STALLEY, Peter


                        STAMP, William Charles


                        STANFORD, Irene


                        STANTON, James


                        STARKEY, E.W.J.


                        STAUNTON, Martin Wm.


                        STEELE, Judy


                        STEELE, Sophia


                        STEELE (ALDERMAN), Trish


                        STEELE, William


                        STEER, Emma I.


                        STEPHENS, Edward


                        STEPHENS, Richard


                        STEPHENS, Sam


                        STEWART, Gertrude


                        STEWART, Henry


                        STEWART, Lindsay


                        STEWART, William


                        STILLING, Joseph


                        STIRLING, John Lancelot


                        STOCKFORD, William


                        STODART, Henry


                        STOKES, Alf


                        STOKES, Dr. Tim


                        STOKES, William Francis


                        STONE, John Francis; Leila Ruth;


                        STONE, Ray


                        STONE, William


                        STOODLEY, Keith


                        STOWE, Harold J.


                        STOW, Randolph Isham


                        STRANGWAYS, Giles Edward


                        STRANGWAYS, Henry B.T.


                        STRANGWAYS, Thomas Bews


                        STROUT, Anne


                        STROUT, Eliza Alice


                        STUART, Jack


                        STUART, John MartiN R.


                        STUART, William


                        STUCKEY, Robert


                        STUMPF, Florian


                        STURT, Capt. Charles


                        STYLES, J.


                        SULLIVAN, Fay


                        SUMNER, Alfred; Fanny; Mary J.; Richd;


                        SUMNER, Emma


                        SUMNER, Netley Ellen


                        SUMNER, Thomas Richard; Janet;


                        SUMNER, Thomas Robert


                        SUMNER, Wm.; Jessie;


                        SUMPTER, George


                        SUNMAN, A.


                        SUNMAN, Bertha Lilian


                        SUNMAN, Eliza


                        SUNMAN, J.A.


                        SUNMAN, Richard Henry


                        SUNMAN, Robert Richard Chambers


                        SUNTER, Edward


                        SUTHERLAND, Capt. George


                        SUTHERLAND, Donald Andrew


                        SUTHERLAND, Keith Henry K.


                        SWEET, Evelyn Helena M.


                        SWEETMAN, A.G.


                        SWEETMAN, Frederick William


                        SWEETMAN, H.


                        SWEETMAN, James Duncan


                        SWEETMAN, Robert Henry


                        SWEETMAN, Winnie


                        SYMONDS, R.G.; Bronte;




                        TABOR, Clement


                        TABOR, Maria


                        TAMMS, Leonard Stanley


                        TAPLIN, George


                        TAPSCOTT, Chris


                        TAYLOR, Daniel Lewis


                        TAYLOR, Frederick Hammond


                        TAYLOR, John; Kelly;


                        TAYLOR, Samuel


                        TAYLOR, Thomas


                        TAYLOR, William


                        TEAKLE, Clare


                        TEMPLEMAN, Chloe


                        THIELE, Colin


                        THOMAS, Charlotte


                        THOMAS, Jabez Edwin


                        THOMAS, John (1856 & 1866)


                        THOMAS, M.


                        THOMAS, Noreen Salome


                        THOMAS, Wm. Dunstan


                        THOMPSON, Alfred Edward


                        THOMPSON, Augusta


                        THOMPSON, Esther Violet


                        THOMPSON, Janet


                        THOMPSON, John Robert


                        THOMPSON, Robert


                        THOMPSON, Susak Michael


                        THOMPSON, Thomas


                        THOMPSON, Captain W.


                        THOMPSON, William


                        THOMPSON, William James


                        THOMPSON, William Raymond


                        THOMSON, Edith Emily


                        THOMSON, Linda Lovibond


                        THOMSON, Sydney William


                        THORNBER, Robert


                        THORPE, Robert C.; Errol;


                        THRING, Francis J.


                        THRING, William


                        THURGARLAND, John


                        THURLOW, Paul


                        TILBROOK, Rex


                        TILMOUTH, Sydney Glanville


                        TITE, Lavington Yeo


                        TODD, Fred


                        TODMAN, James


                        TOOGOOD, Gerald William


                        TOLEMAN, Amelia


                        TOLEMAN, Charlotte


                        TOLLEY, Ann


                        TOLLEY, John C.


                        TOLMER, Alexander


                        TOMKINSON, Samuel


                        TOMKINSON, Henry Palmerston


                        TONGE, Charles & Esther


                        TONKIN, R.W.


                        TONKIN, Samuel


                        TONKIN, Wally


                        TOONE, Thos.(Terry)


                        TORRENS, Col. Robert


                        TORRENS, Robert Richard


                        TOTH, Sigmund


                        TOWNLEY, Charles Gosling


                        TRABOLT, Ethel


                        TRAIN, Rev. J.


                        TREGENZA, Eric


                        TRELEAVEN, Henry


                        TRELEAVEN, Irene; Ethel; Richard John;


                        TRELEAVEN, John




                        TRENOUTH, Dick


                        TREVASKIS, Mr.


                        TREWARTHA, William


                        TRIGG, John


                        TRIGG, J.W.


                        TRIGG, Samuel


                        TRIMMER, Erenest


                        TRIPP, Mr.


                        TRIPP, F.J.


                        TRIPP, Miss F.


                        TRIPP, Florence Maud


                        TRIPP, H.


                        TRIPP, I.P.


                        TRIPP, J.P.


                        TROMP, Jack


                        TROMP, Michael


                        TROWSE, Peter


                        TRUDGEON, Nicholas


                        TRUEMAN, Mrs. Bobbie


                        TSCHIRPIG, Aisla Jean


                        TUCKER, Charles


                        TUCKER, Edward Jones


                        TUCKER, George, Lucy & family cemetery


                        TUCKER, Howard Erskine


                        TUCKER, Mary Elizabeth


                        TUCKER, Reginald Mervyn


                        TUCKER, William Henry


                        TUCKEY, William


                        TUCKWELL, Andrew Alfred


                        TUCKWELL, B.M. (Beryl Margaret)


                        TUCKWELL, Colin Burnet


                        TUCKWELL, Miss Dora


                        TUCKWELL, Frank (Leon Frank)


                        TUCKWELL, Lloyd


                        TUCKWELL, Mark


                        TUCKWELL, May


                        TUCKWELL, Olive


                        TUCKWELL, R.J.


                        TUCKWELL, William Arthur


                        TUCKWELL, William


                        TUDOR, George


                        TUDOR, Henry


                        TUGWELL, Mrs. Blanche Venon


                        TUGWELL, John


                        TUGWELL, Lloyd


                        TUGWELL, Victor George


                        TUGWELL, Walter Frederick


                        TUGWELL, W. (Mayor 1893)


                        TUGWELL, William


                        TURNBULL, James Thom(p)son


                        TURNBULL, Patrick


                        TURNER,  Alf; Edmond


                        TURNER, James


                        TURNER, Richard William ernest


                        TURNER, William


                        TURRELL, Esau


                        TURRELL, Jacob


                        TUXFORD, William Wedd



                        UDY, T.K.


                        UNDERWOOD, John Thomas


                        USHER, N.



                        VANDENBROEK, Rudy


                        VAN DER KAMP, Brock


                                                VAN DER KAMP, Catherine Johanna

                        VAN DER KAMP, Wendy


                        VAN ELST, Cornelius Hendicus


                        VAN OSCH, John; Bernice;


                        VARCOE, Alan


                        VARCOE, Albert


                        VARCOE, Alfred


                        VARCOE, Benjamin


                        VARCOE, John; John Jnr.;


                        VARCOE, Robert


                        VARCOE, Thomas


                        VARCOE, William


                        VARCOE, William Hearn


                        VASKAS, A.G.


                        VAUGHAN, K.J.


                        VAYRYNEN, Paivi


                        VEENSTRA, Chris


                        VEENSTRA, Keith (Jock); Carla;


                        VEENSTRA, Keith


                        VENABLES, Dr.


                        VERBURGT, Bob; Pat;


                        VERCO, James Crabb


                        VERCO, Michael


                        VERCO, Thomas Benjamin


                        VERCOE, Claude Maythorn


                        VERCOE, Edwin Percy


                        VERRALL, H.G.


                        VINCENT, Edgar Parham


                        VINCENT, Frank Edgar; Ivy Dollina R.;


                        VINCENT, Jenny


                        VINCENT, Viv; Rhonda;


                        VANDBORG, Mary (nee McMillian)


                        VOIGT, Pastor


                        VON BERTOUCH, Carl V.R.


                        VON MUELLER, Baron Sir Ferdinand


                        VORWECK, Harold Carl


                        VOSS, Frederick William



                        WADEY, Charles


                        WADEY, Mary Ann


                        WADEY, Walter Henry