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Using pbwiki


How to Comment


How to Edit


How to Search


How to Upload images  


An easy way to Add a page


How to Add a link to a page (URL, email, or new wiki page)


How to Add an option in the "Sidebar" menu 


How to Attach a pdf file 




Commenting on pbwiki


You are able to comment on any page within the wiki. This is a good place for a discussion, and any additions will be listed under the 'recent activity'. Comments do not show on the actual page, you need to click on the 'Comment' tab to see the associated comments.


To leave a comment, it's easy (like everything in pbwiki). Just click on the 'Comments' tab at the top of the page you want to comment on, and add your comment!! Try it on this page if you like. Rest assured, you can delete your comment if you can't cope with leaving it there.


When you're done, the 'Home' tab takes you back to the Front page.



Editing on pbwiki


To edit a page, click on the 'Edit page' tab of the page you wish to edit. The very top heading will display "Editing (Page name)", and there will be a 'Save' button at the bottom of the page (if you can't see it, you may have to scroll down).


Pbwiki uses a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that is very simple. The first line of the edit menu contains the usual edit buttons - 'cut', 'copy', 'paste'; 'bold','underline', 'italics', 'strikethrough', 'numbered list', 'bulleted list', 'decrease/increase indent' and 'left/right/centre justify'. There are 6 font options (Arial, Comic sans, Courier New, Times New Roman, Verdana and Impact), 7 size options, and you can also change font colour and background fill. 'Format' gives you 3 heading options.


To edit, simply type your changes, format as required, and click 'Save'. Occasionally the page will drop out when you click 'Save' (takes you to 'Internet explorer cannot display the webpage' or similar) - just click 'back' (takes you to the 'Editing (page name)' page), and click 'Save' again.


If you have not logged into the wiki already, it is a good idea to put in your email address at the "Who is making this edit?" box just above the 'Save' button.


Any changes you have made will show in the "Recent changes' history tab of the side bar, as well as the history for the page.





Searching in pbwiki


Pbwiki uses a simple word search. No Boolean. Just type in the exact term you want it to find to the search box at the very top right hand corner of any display page.


You will receive a list of any pages in which your term appears. Just click on any of these to go to that page. Use 'Control-F' to find the term within that page.



  • It is NOT case sensitive.
  • It IS order sensitive - i.e. if the entered search term is 'river murray', it will find 'river murray' but not 'murray river'. This is especially important to remember when searching for names - use the most simple part of the name to start the search - usually the surname.
  • It will find the term in part of a word e.g. it will find references to 'riverina', 'riverland' etc when the term 'river' is searched.




How to Upload images on pbwiki


You can add images to the wiki, however they need to be resized before they are uploaded so that they display in a reasonable size and that they don't take up too much upload quota. Free and upgraded Pbwikis have upload quotas (10 mb for free ones, but this increases by 10% when new users are added).


Remember that pbwiki may not be the best application to store your photos for viewing - a public set on flickr with a link to the set in pbwiki may be a more efficient option (see 'How to add a link in pbwiki ).


To add an image


1. Resize the image. Use your photoediting software (or a free one like 'Irfan view') to resize your image. I tend to make them around 250 x 300 to 300 x 400 pixels (i.e. NOT VERY BIG), depending on how big you want the final image to be. Save the image to a convenient site, with a suitable name.


2. You need to be in the 'Edit' page to upload images. Put the cursor where you want the image, and click on the 'Insert image' button. You will have to upload the image, so in the 'browse' box locate the image, and click 'upload'. This will put the image in the images file of the wiki into which you have uploaded it, with the name you gave it. Clicking 'OK' puts your image in the edit page.


3. 'Save' your editted page, and have a look at the display page. You may need to play around with placement.




Adding a page in pbwiki


(This is the preferred method for adding a page, as it ensures that you link it to the wiki)


1. From the 'Edit page' view of the page you are linking your new page to, create some text where you want to link the new page from.


2. Highlight this text, and select the 'Link' button.


3.  Use a Link Type of 'WikiPage', and leave the Link to wiki page as the '-new page-' default.


4. Type in the 'New page name' - this is the name of the page as it will appear at the very top of the page (in the skin heading) and must not contain certain punctuation such as full stops or slashes.


5. Type in what you want to appear as the 'Link text' (this can have full stops and slashes).  Click OK.


6. From the 'Edit page' view, click 'Save'. This will take you to the display of the page in which you have created the link to the new page.


7. The linked text will appear as a hotlink. Clicking on this text will take you to the 'Create a new page' screen, where you can accept or change the name of the new page.


8. Don't worry about using the template at this stage, just click on the 'Create new page' button.


9. You will be taken to your new blank page, it's name is displayed in the very top skin heading. Edit your page, and  ***  add a link back to an appropriate page  *** before you save it.


10. Test out your link and check the layout of your page. All done!





Adding a link in pbwiki


You can add 3 types of link in pbwiki - a wiki page, a URL or an email link.


1. You need to be in the 'Edit page' view.  


2. Highlight the text where you want the link to be, and click on the 'Link' button in the edit menu.


3. Select the type of link you want.


If you want tp link to a URL, select a Link type of 'URL' and just copy and paste the URL into the 'protocol' tab, and type the words you want to appear for the 'link' in the 'Link text' box. Click OK.

If you want to link to an email address, select a Link type of 'E-Mail', copy and paste the email address and if you want, add any details you want in subject and body. Click OK.

If you want to link to an existing wiki page, select a Link Type of 'WikiPage', click on the arrow to display the drop down box of existing wiki pages and select the page required. Type in the required link text and click OK.


4. You will be back in the editting page. When you are finished adding links etc, remeber to 'Save' your changes.



Adding an option in the 'Sidebar' menu


Use this when adding a new subject area to the wiki.


It's incredibly easy! Just click on the [edit] link at the bottom of the Sidebar menu. Format and colour as you wish. Save.

Activate the link by clicking on the new link from the 'Homepage' view. See How to add a page in pbwiki to create a new page from which to springboard your new topic.




Attaching a pdf file in pbwiki



Remeber that pdf files are NOT keyword searchable in the wiki. If you have the document in word version, it is much easier to search. Also, large files will take up a lot of our allocated space, whereas Word documents do not affect our upload quota.


If the file is already held on a web-accessible server, just add the appropriate URL link.


The procedure for adding a file is similar to Uploading images in pbwiki, but you do it through the 'Attach file' link in the edit menu.






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