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No 56 March 2009

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March 2009                                                                            by Dawn Juers

No 56


Late last year an article appeared in  “The Advertiser”  (13/12/08) about archaeologists who are trying to locate unmarked graves using geophysical techniques which enables them to see into the ground without the need for excavation or other ground works. This process is being used to locate unmarked graves in the historic Wesleyan cemetery at Meadows.


A couple from Queensland have over four years worked tirelessly to design, create and build 24 monumental windows for St Monica’s Cathedral in Cairns. It was the first Australian cathedral to commission all of its stained glass windows from one studio since 1880. Since the first stained glass found in Germany in the year 1100, the history presents the social, theological, political and economic conditions of the time. Stained glass began to flourish as an art. Glass was usually coloured by adding metallic oxides to the glass while in a molten state in a clay pot over a furnace. Copper oxides were added to produce green, cobalt for blue, and gold was added to produce red glass. Modern red glass is produced using less expensive material than gold and giving a brighter red shade.

Source- Beyond 50 Issue 26.


LETTERS OF A NATION -  Become part of Australian History.

To celebrate Australia Post’s bicentenary they are inviting all Australians to send copies of historical letters they hold in their collections. Entries will be received up until 25th September.

Entry Forms can be obtained from any Australia Post office or www.auspost.com.au/200years


Early this month Jill Patmore, Library & Customer Service Manager, received notice from Southern Alexandrina Business Association Inc advising of the Library being awarded -  Customer Service Award, Special Recognition. The award read as follows:

“To Jill Patmore, Library Staff and the Friends of the Goolwa Library for providing an outstanding facility supported by helpful and innovative services like the valuable History Room and “kid friendly” staff who make the Library a wonderful place to be. The Goolwa Library is recognised and congratulated by the Southern Alexandrina Business Association Inc.”


With the water in the River Murray dropping day by day it is not only giving us beaches  along the banks of the river but exposing a few wrecks that were previously under water.

Some of those in the Alexandrina area are –

Albert                                      Mundoo Island

Albion                                     Lies alongside bank near Veenstra’s slip, Goolwa

Alice                                       Milang (ketch)

Captain Sturt                         nr Veenstra’s Slip, Goolwa

Federal                                   near road to Goolwa Barrage

Melbourne                              Murray Mouth, nr spit at Pt Pullen

Radia                                      just off Liverpool/Quebec Sts, Goolwa Nth (barge)

Renmark                                 end of Hector’s jetty, nr Goolwa wharf

Showboat/Ada/Clara             Hindmarsh Island, downstream from Goolwa Barrage

Uranus                                    Sunk to form breakwater in front of PS Capt Sturt

Waterlily                                 nr Point Malcolm, Lake Alexandrina

Wilcannia                               Mundoo Island (broken up to form cattle yard)

Unnamed                                  nr Rankine’s Ferry, Clayton

If anyone can add to this list please contact us at the History Room, Goolwa.

Source- “Historic Shipping on the River Murray” Sarah Kenderdine

Anthony Presgrave

Wreck of the PS Renmark

(note the Bristleworm growing on the exposed section)

Remains of the barge Radia


Happy researching


Genealogy help is available by appointment on Thursdays, to guide you through your research. Please phone the Library on 8555-7000 to make an appointment. For comments, suggestions or to receive this newsletter – email

historyroom2004@yahoo.com.au or phone the Library on 8555-7000.

Back copies of this newsletter can be sourced on the Alexandrina Council website –





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