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No 38 September, 2007

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Sept  2007                                                                                           by Dawn Juers

No 38

Recently I received a nice surprise when a letter and CD was posted to me.

 [In September 2004 I had written in this newsletter about a gentleman Gerald A Savill who had transcribed the Funeral Notices from The Advertiser.]As a result he has donated a copy of his ‘Advertiser Funeral Notices Index  1971-1990,1997-2006 revised 2007’.

This will be loaded on the History Room computer for research. I have sent a letter of thanks to Gerald (Gerry) and I now thank him publicly for his generosity.


New Websites:

Queensland Historical Index-BDM indexes 1829-1914 www.justice.qld.gov.au/bdm/IndexSearch.htm

Two petitions are now online – a Federal and a State, to save the 1864 City of Adelaide, named after our city, the oldest clipper ship in the world, and built solely to transport immigrants to this State. She is at present languishing in Scotland and the authorities are planning to deconstruct her. The petition website for Federal and State is www.cityofadelaide.org.au/AUS_petition.shtml

The National Archives and Ancestry.co.uk have released online the first phase of British war service and pension records. Searching the name index is free but to view the record entails a fee. http://tinyurl.com/2np8vp

City of London Burials 1788-1855 www.findmypast.com/lbSearchStart.action?redef=0


The August Issue of  The South Australian Genealogist’ advises that the recently released Genealogical Research Directory – National and International is to be the final issue. After 28 volumes this is to be the last edition.


New Book in the History Room – ‘A Diary of Milang’ by Victor Woodrow & Heather Pound.


The State Library has over 2,000 digitised images from the A.D. Edwardes Collection which consists of photographs of ships, mainly sailing vessels, which visited Australian ports from around the world from 1865 to 1920. You can view images by searching the South Australian Database under the name of the collection, the name of ship or in keyword, Edwardes and the name of a port.


The great thing about the future is that it always starts tomorrow.

I recently read the book ‘The JG Arnold Legacy’ by Tony Orman.

J.G. Arnold - what an interesting man!

He was one of the most prolific boat owners, specialising in salvaging boats.

One interesting story with a slight reference to Goolwa, was the time while skippering the Golconda he took on board an old shepherd who was ill. In the morning he was found dead, so JG as he was known, pulled into Mannum and found a JP. The JP said they didn’t want to bury any strangers. “Take him back to Blanchetown”.   JG wanted to continue his journey. “Well I don’t want him. You don’t want him. I’m certainly not going back to Blanchetown with him. I’m going down to Goolwa, and they don’t want him either, so I’ll just have to launch him.”    The JP protested but knowing George was not bluffing, agreed to bury him in Mannum.

Another time he was warned at Goolwa that with the tall mast the Avoca had that if he went up the Murray with such a tall mast he would have to pay for every damaged telephone line that spanned the river. JG set off dragging down every line that crossed the river, until he reached Murray Bridge, where because the bridge had no lift-span, he had to unship the mast anyway!

I can certainly recommend this book – not only as a family history book but an interest to those with a love of the river and boats.



to an afternoon meeting

in conjunction with the Goolwa Branch of the National Trust on


in the Community Chambers from 2.30 pm, at which

 Anthony Presgrave will give a talk on the Currency Creek Bridge.

An additional feature of the afternoon will be

a presentation to Barry Griffin,

to thank him for his work during his four years

as President of Friends of Goolwa Library.

Barry is also Vice-President of the Goolwa Branch

of the National Trust.

Afternoon tea will be served

If you would like to attend, please book at the Ask Here Desk (Ph. 8555 7000) by Saturday, 29th September 2007

so that we can cater for the afternoon tea.

Happy researching,


Genealogy help is available by appointment on Thursdays, to guide you through your research. Please phone the Library on 8555-7000 to make an appointment. For comments, suggestions or to receive this newsletter – email

historyroom2004@yahoo.com.au or phone me, Dawn Juers on 8555-2885.

Back copies of this newsletter can be sourced on the Alexandrina Council website –





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