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No 30 January, 2007

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Jan  2007                                                                                            by Dawn Juers

No 30

A Happy New Year to you all. I hope that you are all refreshed and ready to tackle 2007.

Did you know? The year 1752 saw two major changes to the calendar. Until then, the year had always started on 25 March; now, as part of the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Day would be 1 January. Additionally, and more controversially, 11 days were lost in September in order to bring England into line with the rest of Western Europe.

from ‘Easy Family History – the stress-free guide to starting your research’ David Annal


The National archives www.nationalarchives.gov.uk  advise that www.findmypast.com has a new online service where you can search passenger lists. 1890-1899 is online now, but by the end of the year they hope to have from 1890-1960 covered. Images of the passenger lists will be available to download, view, save and print. Go to www.ancestorsonboard.com

Graham Jaunay in his latest newsletter ‘Proformat News’ has an interesting article on newspapers and his website lists by region, the South Australian newspapers from 1836. You can subscribe to his newsletter online at www.jaunay.com/newsletter.html

State Records NSW have an online search of Divorce Case Papers from 1873-1923 at www.records.nsw.gov.au/archives/divorce_1638.asp

AFFHO (Aust Federation of FH Organisations Inc)  have an Index of Indexes online at www.affho.org/projects/index_of_indexes.php   anyone can register their indexing project of interest to family historians.

Australian Death Notices, Funeral Notices and Obituaries on www.obits.com.au/


National Treasures at the State Library This free travelling exhibition will be at the State Library of SA from 25th January – 25th March 2007. (watch this space as the Friends of the Goolwa Library will be organising a bus tour to this event).


Rex Jory in his column ‘Back Chat’- Sunday Mail 31/12/06 reports that Stockport College in Britain has banned the word “history” – it’s gender specific!! 

What can I say- the world has gone mad!


LDS Church has advised that they will not be upgrading their ‘Personal Ancestry File’ genealogy program, as there is now a wide range of free and reasonably priced programs available.

The following article was submitted by Anthony Presgrave.  Our thanks to him for following this up.

Thomas Highland.

The article in the last History Room News re Thomas Highland’s house prompted me to do a little research, mainly at the request of a couple of the volunteers in the History Room.

Thomas died as the result of an accident in being thrown from the saddle and notes in the History Room records show that his death occurred on 2 April 1854 and that a Coronial enquiry was held on 4 April 1855. (Oddity number 1, a Coronial enquiry 12 months after the death). In a search of the Death registers the registration of his death could not be found. The Encounter Bay registers do not commence until 1856, likewise Wellington also starts from 1856 and Willunga from 1855. This meant that the death should have been registered in Adelaide, but a search of the Adelaide registers did not turn up anything either. (Oddity number 2, his death was not registered).

This warranted further research so when I was on duty at the Genealogical Society library one day I spent some spare time looking further into this and in discussion with other members it was stated that sometimes a death subject to a Coronial enquiry was not registered. This cleared up oddity number 2.

As for the remaining matter of the 12 month gap between the death and the enquiry, the Burial Register for the Old Goolwa Cemetery indicates his burial was April 1855 and a check with Cr Frank Tuckwell’s records came up with the actual headstone inscription which gave his death as 3 April 1855 and also recorded the burial of one of his children in the same grave. This cleared up oddity number 1.

So it appears that the record in the History Room needs to be corrected and his death should be noted as 3 April 1855.

It was also recorded that Thomas died intestate, so I also searched the Government Gazettes for an entry from the Curator of Intestate Estates, this involved searching the Gazettes page by page as the indexing can be a bit hit and miss at times. I didn’t find anything, but may not have searched far enough in the time I had. More time will be needed.


The official program is out for the SA Wooden Boat and Music Festival at Goolwa, to be held 10th-12th March www.woodenboatfestival.com.au   celebrating the 10th Festival with many new highlights – 3 new music stages with top music acts, and a world first with the Ngarrindjeri  traditional raft making workshops. It should be a great three days.

The Friends of the Goolwa Library will hold their usual Book Sale, the same weekend on 9th & 10th March, with a Sausage Sizzle to be held in the courtyard on Saturday 10th .


Happy researching,



Genealogy help is available by appointment on Thursdays, to guide you through your research. Please phone the Library on 8555-7000 to make an appointment. For comments, suggestions or to receive this newsletter – email

historyroom2004@yahoo.com.au or phone me, Dawn Juers on 8555-2885.

Back copies of this newsletter can be sourced on the Alexandrina Council website –





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