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No 21 April, 2006

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No 21                                                                                                  by Dawn Juers

It has been a busy time since the last issue. At the end of March the ‘Friends of the Goolwa Library’ had a bus tour of the town of Milang and luncheon at the historic Port Milang Railway Station. It was a very interesting tour and the luncheon put on by the Milang volunteers was wonderful.

Thursday 13th April I attended a talk by Enid Woodley from the National Archives of Australia on `Researching Relatives Remotely’, hosted by Victor Harbor Seniors On-line Genealogy Group. The amount of information on the NAA website  www.naa.gov.au/ is astounding and being added to continually.

Next month History Week is being celebrated Statewide and we in Goolwa are working towards a big display to be held on Wednesday 24th May in the Community Chambers of the Library/Council building. The theme of this varied exhibition will be Mystery, Mayhem, Myths & Men at Work, which will be open from 10am-4pm. This will be free with tea, coffee & biscuits provided in the afternoon. The morning will be centred on the schoolchildren, but anyone will be welcome anytime during the day.

The National Trust of Goolwa will have one of their regular talks on 10th May 2pm.  This one will be given by Barry Griffin on Capt George Johnston. All are welcome.

The State Heritage has a new website www.stateheritageareas.sa.gov.au and people are being asked to contribute stories and photographs. Goolwa gets a good mention on this site.

Some other good family history websites are:

Ryerson Index (an index of B.D. & M’s of mainly the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper) This is a great site if looking for a date of death after the official index date of 1985. I found it easier by going to “Google” and typing Ryerson Index. I had success with this one, finding a death notice for 1993.

Photographers: This site covers photographers who perhaps did it as a hobby rather than professionally. I found a relative on this site and didn’t know he was interested in photography! It’s called 150 small files (photographers)


BDM’s and Personal Notices from Qld regional newspapers (confusing site until you get the hang of it! ) www.checkout.com.au/search.asp

Scottish Digital Archive – a variety of Scottish records www.scan.org.uk/researchrtools/emigration.htm

Anzac Day commemorates the landing of the Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915.

Goolwa Soldiers War Memorial

Erected in Honour of Those Who

Served Their Country in the Great War 1914-1918

“The Fallen”

The Foundation Stone was laid by Hon. George Ritchie MP, January 7, 1921

Names of the War Heroes on the four sides of the memorial.

Sumner F.W.                            Orr A.C.                                   Godfrey R.C.                            Johnson B.

Mitchell J.                                                Merrett G.H.                            Neighbour L.R.                         Perry A.R.

Kaeding H.W.                          Norton C.E.                             Goode R.G.                               Barrett J.

Dodd J.H.F.                              Walker A.T.                            Farrow E.R.                              Hodgson L.

Smith S.J.                                 Graham A.J.                             Cameron A.                             Frayne A.H.

Sinclair S.                                 Allen D.W.                              Wright C.J.W.                          Simpson W.

Barclay D.R.                            Chaplin A.R.V.                         Frayne C.M.                             Smith H.R.

Treleaven  W.J.                       Perry R.B.                                                Westin C.C.                             Atkins H.B.

Davies C.C.                              Atkinson L.                             Joy G.A.                                   Smith C.V.

Sundstrom A.                           Goode A.S.                               Spencer J.R.                             Wallace A.

Thompson W.G.                      Davies H.E.                              Davies V.H.                              Bowley S.E.V.

Treleaven A.E.                        Henley N.G.                             Armfield H.R.                          Frayne L.F.

Baxter G.                                 Von Dittmer H.                        Cremer A.W.                           Scott R.J.

Joy A.C.                                   McGuinness C.H.                      Charles W.                               Barber T.J.

Orr F.R.                                   Davies P.T.                              Atkins C.P.K.                          Nettel J.

Allen F.H.                                                Glassenbury F.G.                       Steer F.G.                                 Davies H.C.

Elfenbein J.R.                           Carlson A.V.                            Neighbour L.                            Byrnes H.S.

Price A.E.                                                King H.W.H.                            Evans H.                                  Scholz  O.

Glassenbury W.E.                     Dodd J.                                     Smith W.J.H.                           Brown A.F.

Westin E.C.U.                          Henderson C.                           Smith C.W.J.                            Chaplin G.L.

Hutchins E.                              C.B. H. Morris                         Bowley C.W.                            Dennison G.H.

Grundy J.L.                                                                              Maidment A.H.                        Treleaven P.J.W.

Spencer J.J.                                                                              Collett S.                                  Barber C.

Spencer H.A.                                                                            Heath G.                                  Egan W.J.

Sherwood C.                                                                             Plummer P.H.                          Quinland J.

Armfield M.S.                                                                          Thompson C.                           Kirkwood W.H.

Lundstrom J.C.                                                                         Cremer E.M.                            Orr A.G.

Fletcher H.V.S.                                                                         Carlson A.E.                            Johansen F.

Millerd J.A.T.                                                                          Carlson A.H.                            Bray G.

Tuckwell W.A.                                                                         King S.R.                                  Smith A.L.

Smith E.R.                                                                                               Henderson T.                           Wakefield Sister J.

Genealogy help is available by appointment on Thursdays, to guide you through your research. Please phone the Library on 8555-7000 to make an appointment. For comments, suggestions or to receive this newsletter – email

historyroom2004@yahoo.com.au or phone me, Dawn Juers on 8555-2885.

Happy Researching,    Dawn                                                      April 2006    




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