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How to search in pbwiki

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Searching in pbwiki


Pbwiki uses a simple word search. No Boolean. Just type in the exact term you want it to find to the search box at the very top right hand corner of any display page.


You will receive a list of any pages in which your term appears. Just click on any of these to go to that page. Use 'Control-F' to find the term within that page.



  • It is NOT case sensitive.
  • It IS order sensitive - i.e. if the entered search term is 'river murray', it will find 'river murray' but not 'murray river'. This is especially important to remember when searching for names - use the most simple part of the name to start the search - usually the surname.
  • It will find the term in part of a word e.g. it will find references to 'riverina', 'riverland' etc when the term 'river' is searched.





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