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No 170 April 2019

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 April 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                               by  Dawn Juers                                                                                                                             No 170




*Cockenzie House


My partner Bruce Scotland and I visited Goolwa in September 2001 for the ‘Source to the Sea Festival ’celebrating the “Centenary of Federation” and were charmed by the town and its history resulting in us becoming permanent residents of Goolwa in 2002..


 Goolwa created their own version of the canvas canoe Forerunner which was built by Armfield Slip Goolwa volunteers and participated in the above ‘Source to the Sea Festival.’


Last year Bruce and I travelled to Great Britain and visited Francis Cadell’s historic birthplace - ‘Cockenzie House’ in Cockenzie, Scotland. Finding this historic house was more difficult than we thought. After a few queries we eventually found Cockenzie House and garden. (As you can see by the photo it isn’t hard to miss, so I don’t know whether it was my Aussie accent or whether the townsfolk call it by another name) I do know that the Scots pronounce Cadell as “Caddle” – (we say “Ca-dell” with the emphasis on ‘dell’.)


 On entering the main entrance of this heritage building I spoke to the attendant re the history of the area. She admitted she knew nothing of its history or that of Cadell but added “I do know that there’s a boat from Australia in the garden!” Well at least we were getting somewhere now! 


*Forerunner 111 (replica) 


I roamed the garden and took some photographs and spoke to two young mums whose children were happily playing on the replica Forerunner 111.                      

The mums were a font of knowledge on the area, and pointed to other plaques relating to Cadell outside the back gate.  The toddlers apparently often play on the Forerunner replica.


*Forerunner plaque at rear of property.  It clearly shows a map of Australia on the bottom of the plaque.



*Goolwa Park, Cockenzie is across the road from Cockenzie House. The park is used by the local children.


In 2012 Peter Reedman collated a book on the story and photos of Forerunner 111 and the building of the boat by volunteers of Armfield Slip, Goolwa. When I read Peter’s book I felt proud to be a resident of Goolwa. Well done to those volunteers who worked so hard. The History Room has two copies of Peter’s book and I recommend taking the time to read it.


I have been told that the Forerunner 111 is stored in the Oscar W shed on the wharf. Perhaps it will be displayed at the South Australian Wooden Boat Festival which will be held at the Goolwa Wharf Precinct on the 27th and 28th of this month, APRIL. See you there!!


* for photos see pdf version


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