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No153 April 2017

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                                                                                                              HISTORY ROOM NEWS


April 2017                                                                                                       No. 153                                                                            by Dawn Juers


On Friday 10th February 2017, residents celebrated the opening of the Goolwa Cittaslow building to be known as ”Cittaslow Corner”. Keith Parkes, Mayor of Alexandrina Council, opened the building.


The volunteers in the History Room of the Alexandrina Library, Goolwa, were asked to research the history of this quaint little building.  It has been a lot of things but nobody cared enough to document its history. It was built in 1915 the time of World War 1, as the Port Elliot and Goolwa District Council Chamber.


Councillor Frank Tuckwell’s uncle, Thomas Joy, put in a tender of £134.11.6 to build it, which included twelve shillings for a hat rack! Included in the payments were £8.10.0 to Thomas Godfrey for lime etc, plus £7.14.0 for stone. The full cost for the new Council building was £142.5.6, with the Council receiving a discount of £2.15.9, bringing the full payment to Thomas Joy of £139.9.9 to build the Council Chamber. It was about this time that there was a fire siren installed on the roof of Council Building. The little shed on the left side of the building has always been there and was used to house Council equipment. In those days it was picks, shovels etc. Larger equipment consisted of horse and cart which were housed elsewhere. The District Clerk of the Council at the time was Reg Bristow -Smith and Rosemary McEvoy, his assistant.


*This photo was taken by an unknown photographer on 19 April 1936 and is the main street of Goolwa looking north. The small Council Building is on the right with Cutting Road in the foreground (right). Left of the picture is the Soldiers Memorial Gardens rotunda.

From the State Library Goolwa Collection http://collections.slsa.sa.gov.au It is believed that the building was occupied by Council until 1958 when it became too small for the growing community and the Institute Library could not afford to maintain their premises, so they agreed to do a swap. The Institute Library moved into the small building on the corner of Cadell and Goolwa Terrace with Dora Tuckwell, appointed Secretary.


On February 28th 1985, the “Southern Argus” reported under the heading “Goolwa Institute Library” that the Annual General Meeting of the Institute library was held on 14th February and was not well attended. The Secretary reported that the committee had complained to the District Council of Port Elliot and Goolwa for a number of years, on the inadequate space in the building, requesting larger premises or an extended building. The Library Committee had $2,500 invested in term deposit to assist with any future building extensions.



On May 9th 1986, during the South Australian Jubilee 150th celebrations the Library held an “Open Day” with authors    Colin Thiele, John Tolley, Bill Reschke and Ron Baker, all of whom had written historic articles and made charts and maps of Goolwa and the River Murray. Many people crammed into the small building to speak with the authors.


The following year change of use must have been mooted, as Mr Walter Pretty wrote in December 1987 to the District Council of Port Elliot and Goolwa suggesting “that the future use of the old Corporation Office now the Institute Library, could be used for some special project such as Local Government history with other possibilities but not conflicting with Signal Point programmes.”


In 1989 the building became the Goolwa Tourist Information Centre until they moved about 1995 to Signal Point, then to the old Post Office building on Cutting Road where they still have their office.


From c1998 to October 2006 South Coast Jewellers leased the building. It is not recorded who occupied the building in the following years, prior to the shop “Adrift” operating their popular business, selling their eclectic wares (c2015-16).


The building, now to be known as “Cittaslow Corner” will be ideal, with its prominence to the main street, Signal Point, RSL and South Coast Regional Art Centre.

Cittaslow Goolwa celebrated their 10th birthday on 12th March this year. In 2007, they were the first outside of Europe to be accredited as part of the International Cittaslow (slow town) organisation.


The 10th Cittaslow International General Assembly will be held in Goolwa from the 9-12 May 2017. Mayors from over 200 Cittaslow towns in 30 nations have been invited to Goolwa. The Goolwa Cittslow committee expect 100 to attend the presentations, tours and dinners that are being prepared to showcase our region.

This will be the first time the Assembly has been held in the southern hemisphere and only the second time outside Europe. WHAT AN HONOUR FOR GOOLWA. Congratulations to the Cittaslow Goolwa team.

The Alexandrina Library History Room would be extremely grateful if anyone could loan photographs and information re the history of the little building on Lot 1 Cadell Street, that is now to be known as ‘ Cittaslow Corner’.


* for photos see pdf version


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